Exclusive: Gina Rodriguez Talks Golden Globes Win

Exclusive: Gina Rodriguez Talks Golden Globe Win
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Four days ago Gina Rodriguez entered cloud nine (we’re sure, she’s still there) with her momentous Golden Globes win for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Jane the Virgin. Her acceptance speech had us in tears but also inspired Latinos everywhere to strive for greatness. Here, she gives Latina the scoop on her special night. #BrownPride

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What was going through your mind while you were on stage accepting your Golden Globe?

A million things at once: Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God for giving me the strength and dedication to never give up. Please don't trip Gina. Oh my God I am going to forget someone. Please don't forget anyone. Look at all the amazing actors just staring at you. I wonder what my parents are thinking right now. God this trophy is heavy. 

Your acceptance speech was so heartfelt and empowering ("This award is so much more than myself it represents a culture who wants to see themselves as heroes . . ."). How important was it to have your family there with you?

My family is my life. They are the reason I have fought so hard for my dreams. But "having them there" wasn't really the case as I got one ticket. And I'm Puerto Rican, so lets be real, with one ticket it was fight to the death to see who got to go with me. My other 700 [family members] were watching from my sister’s living room.

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What was the first thing your dad told you after the win?  

When my father saw me at the after party he wrapped his arms around me and said, "You did it G!"

Do you realize you’re one of our community's heroes?

I have lots more work to do before I can become a hero. But it is definitely one of my goals to use my art to encourage the community to strive, fight and empower others.