Gina Rodriguez on 'Jane the Virgin' vs. Gina Rodriguez IRL

Gina Rodriguez plays Jane Villanueva on Jane the Virgin, but how does the 31-year-old Boricua match up to her on-screen character?

Click through to see how real-life Rodriguez compares to her TV counterpart.

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1. 1

Jane is a (somewhat) single mother, amidst a love triangle

We quickly learn that Jane Villanueva is a virgin, yet gets pregnant at the start of the first season (Artificial insemination, anyone?). Throughout the course of the series, we see Jane juggle a love triangle like no other, with characters Rafael and Michael, all while still caring for baby Mateo.

2. 2

Gina is single, single, and read to mingle

IRL Rodriguez, on the other hand, is currently playing the field, after splitting from boyfriend Henri Esteve. Any takers, fellas?

3. 3

Jane met her father later in life

Jane first rediscovers her father, Rogelio de la Vega, in the middle of the first season. Throughout the series, we see the two attempting to get to know one another, and ultimately develop a strong father-daughter bond.

4. 4

Gina's every move is inspired by her papá

The actress is often opening up on how her father has influenced her life, and encouraged her to follow her dreams. In June, Rodriguez revealed she'll be penning a book titled I Can And I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me.

5. 5

Jane is as sweet as can be

Though subtly tough, Jane's character is friendly, sweet and caring. We often see her having loving interactions with family and friends, which stems from her good, religious upbringing.

6. 6

Don't mess with Gina IRL

Rodriguez possesses the same sweet, caring nature as jane, but don’t be fooled – this Chicago native packs a punch. Time and time again, the actress proves that she is an advocate against bullying, and stands up for her heritage on behalf of all Latinos. As if that's not enough, this tough chica has a long history with boxing, so be prepared to go in the ring!