6 Things That Happen on 'Gilmore Girls' That Would Never Fly With a Latina Mom

Hopefully, Gilmore Girls fans already have their pajamas on, the coffee brewing, and their Netflix ready to go for the long-awaited return of Rory and Lorelai. 

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel's on-screen relationship was one for the books (which we can't wait to witness once more in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life) but chances are, the mommy-daughter duo was quite different from you and your Latina mami growing up.

Here, we give you a Latina-Gilmore comparison — tell us, are we spot on?

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1. Gilmore Girls: Distance


1. Going far, far away.

Anyone who lives in a traditional Latino household knows that family sticks together — forever! Though she would have been supportive, mami may not have been as keen as Lorelai with the idea of you heading a couple of hours away to Harvard, or later in the series, heading out into the world for a big-girl job.

2. Gilmore Girls: bad boy


2. Dating the bad boy.

And when it comes to dating, mom was never happy if and when you brought home a boy like Jess, decked out in a leather jacket and too-cool-for-school attitude. 

3. Gilmore Girls: Food


3. Eating out almost every night.

Yet another reason your Latina mom and Lorelai would not be BFFS: the food. The TV character and her daughter indulged in burgers from Luke's Diner, Chinese take-out and pizza almost every night, whereas the woman who raised you had nothing short of a full homecooked meal on the table every night by 6 p.m.

4. Gilmore Girls: Messy


4. Keeping a messy house.

Much of Lorelai's charm came from her chill attitude about life, which ultimately translated into a messy house and overall bohemian look. Latina moms, on the other hand, would never let one day pass without the floor being swept — decked out in a full red lip and hair rollers.

5. Gilmore Girls: FIght


5. A mother-daugher fight.

Despite the usual bickering, mami woud never truly let anything come between the two of you, as it did with Rory and Lorelai later in the series.

6. Gilmore Girls: Paris


6. Having questionable friends.

When it comes to friends, mom is just as involved and invested as you are. And if you happened to have a competitive, bossy friend such as Paris Geller, she'd step much more than Lorelai did, and teach you to stand your own ground.