Get to Know JP (A.K.A. Audubon) from MTV's 'Washington Heights!'

As we’re sure you know by now, Latina swung by MTV’s NYC offices during the holidays to meet the fresh-faced cast members of Washington Heights.

We gave the docu-series subjects a fun questionnaire, A sort of, Get-to-Know-the-Cast-of-Washington-Heights kind of thing. We’ve featured Frankie and Rico already. Next up? Artist JP (aka Audubon), who can best be described as the glue in between his group of friends, especially when drama roars its ugly head on the show.

Read on to learn what gets under the 25-year-old’s skin – and his weakness for ropa vieja. His questionnaire answers are hilarious, y’all.

My ideal nickname is Jean Pierre (when in France).

To dream is to change everything.

The hardest thing about the NYC hustle is being consistent when things get rough.

My neighborhood is OD popping because of the energy. It’s also molding strong individuals.

My favorite Latino celebrity is Benicio Del Toro because he is that dude.

My greatest pet peeve is negative vibes because it kills the good ones.

My most embarrassing moment on the Washington Heights show is getting told I had no musical hits.

My greatest Latin food weakness is: ropa vieja. It is sooooo mouth banging

You know you’re Latino when ya mom calling for you from the fourth floor window and you’re grown.