Get to Know Frankie from MTV's 'Washington Heights'

Since its premiere earlier this month, it seems as though the cast of MTV’s Washington Heights have collected a loyal army of fans – and some insurgents as well.

The docu-series (which airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c) follows nine friends from NYC’s Washington Heights hood who fight like all hell in pursuance of their dreams. And, as expected with a reality show, viewers are also served with a healthy dose of drama (and some hair-pulling – see: first episode).

Still, despite the webs that are woven in the show, viewers seem to be completely enamored with the fashionably stylish kids of Washington Heights. (Side note: check out our Dominican slang guide here).

Before the holidays, Latina swung by MTV’s NYC offices to meet the fresh-faced cast members and, instead of conducting a regular interview, we decided to switch things up a bit and hit them with a questionnaire. A sort of, Get-to-Know-the-Cast-of-Washington-Heights kind of survey, if you will. We asked the cast everything from what their greatest Latin food weakness is to telling us what the hardest thing about the NYC hustle is. And yes, we ask about their neighborhood.

We’re going to kick this off with the laidback (and incredibly fierce) Frankie Reese, who is of part-Dominican descent. Below are the best chunks of her questionnaire – as well as a glimpse of her cute handwriting below. Thank you ‘Little Giant,’ for answering our questions! (Also, check out a clip from tonight's episode at the very bottom)

My ideal nickname is Little Giant.

To dream is to be free in your own mind & explore the world in comfort.

The hardest thing about the NYC hustle is finding the drive to do it day in & day out!

My neighborhood is evolving because of its beautiful inhabitants. It’s also creating a new breed of young ambitious people.

My favorite Latino celebrity is Junot Diaz because he is an awesome writer & role model!

My greatest pet peeve is when my food isn’t perfect because I have to eat it! 

My most embarrassing moment on the Washington Heights show is my profanity – I’m working on it!

My greatest Latin food weakness is: chicharrones de pollo sin hueso (from Mambi’s on 177 & Broadway. It is sooooo goooood!

You know you’re Latino when you can hear your friends from a block away.