Is George Lopez Returning to TV?

We knew George Lopez couldn’t stay away from television for too long. It's barely been two months since the cancellation of the comedian’s late-night show and he already seems ready to dive back in to the game with a sitcom.

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According to Fox News Latino, the Mexican American comedian is trying to launch a new sitcom in which he will star as the husband and father. Sounds oddly familiar to his ABC TV sitcom The George Lopez Show (which aired from 2002 to 2007), right? Well, it won’t be, at least according to Lopez, he recently told The Associated Press that the new show will be the “opposite” of his prior sitcom. Lopez is currently working with a team of writers to flesh out his idea.

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Besides this new project, Lopez has lined up a bunch of gigs since Lopez Tonight was cancelled by TBS this summer. The funny man signed on to manage a comedy club for Carnival Cruise Lines and he’s also reportedly signed up to lend his voice to The Smurfs 2. Best of all, Lopez has agreed to film a new comedy special for HBO!