George Lopez Returning To TV With New Sitcom 'Saint George'

In the upcoming sitcom, Lopez will play a man portray a man who “struggles to balance his demanding ex-wife, his 11-year-old son, his overbearing mother who just moved in, and his uncle.” In addition, Lopez’s character has a new role as a philanthropist who teaches history once a week at a night school. We can’t wait to see how he juggles everything – we expect Lopez to bring back many laughs to our TV screens.

According to, Lopez’s deal with FX is a “10/90,” which means that FX orders 10 episodes and, if a certain ratings hurdle is cleared, the network automatically agrees to order 90 more.

Lionsgate Television Group President Kevin Beggs spoke in more detail about the show, saying, “in the tradition of George’s frank and fearless standup comedy, Saint George will reflect his no-holds-barred comedic take on the tensions surrounding race, class, sex and family life in Los Angeles through the eyes of a man straddling two separate cultures.”

Sounds like many Latinos’ lives.

Tell us: are you excited that George Lopez has a new show in the works?