EXCLUSIVE: George Lopez On Dishing About His Childhood & Family For HBO's 'Latino List: Vol. 2'

HBO Latino is celebrating our rich history and acculturation in the U.S. with their latest installment, The Latino List: Volume Two. Directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, the new documentary highlights the struggles and triumphs of many successful Latinos, including actress Judy Reyes, activist Dolores Huerta, super bowl champion Victor Cruz, comedian George Lopez, and many more.

Fans can expect to see the 51-year-old star like never before. The comedian opens up about his childhood and how facing adversity transformed him into the comedy king he is today. Read what George shared with Latina.com exclusively about his inspiring story and what the women in his family taught him.

Congrats on forming part of The Latino List! What was the experience like?

"The first one was fantastic and Timothy, that guy is a master at what he does. He is such a natural and so easy to talk to, so he manages to get the best stories out of all of us. HBO and HBO Latino have always been great to me and they do things that no one else would be interested in doing. In the end, their kind of work really influences and captivates viewers at home."

You get pretty personal about your childhood. Was it difficult to open up at that level?

"I used to be ashamed by the way that I grew up. I tried to lie my way through better times, but when you think that honesty and truth is really your best weapon you embrace it and put it behind you. In the end, it drives you and motivates you to do good work. No one should be ashamed about where they come from as long as you desire to be a compassionate and decent person."

What life lessons have the women in your family taught you?

"That’s a tough one. My grandmother instilled in me a toughness that comes with survival. She was a tough lady and never truly enjoyed her life. She would always worry about things and I would tell her that it wasn’t going to get her anywhere and it didn’t. I wasn’t even that smart back then, but I knew that worrying about everyone else wasn’t good for her health. As Latinos, we stress and worry so much about the future when the future is today. As long as we protect what’s good in our lives, we will be all right."

What’s the driving force that keeps you going in this business?

"In 1988, I was starting out and this guy said to me, ‘you know what makes you funny? The fact that you don’t think you’re funny.’ I work just as hard as I did back then if not harder. I wake up early in the morning and do my business – there’s always a lot of business. It’s a good time right now, so I want people to be happy when they come and see me."

The Latino List: Volume 2 airs tonight at 9pm on HBO Latino. Will you be watching?