George Lopez Drops F-Bombs on Last Episode of ‘Lopez Tonight’

Yesterday was the last episode of Lopez Tonight and the host took full advantage, slinging F-bombs and and throwing back some tequila with his buddy Eva Longoria.  Earlier this week, TBS announced that it was pulling the plug on George Lopez’s late night talk show after two seasons and he had no problem letting the public in on his dissapointment.

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He also took the opportunity to poke fun at himself, resurrecting his "Creepy White Girl" skit to point out that there aren't "many jobs for Latinos on TV" and that this is the second show that Lopez has had that has been cancelled.  The first was ABC’s The George Lopez Show, which ran from 2002 to 2007.

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Longoria commiserated with Lopez about being out of work.  Earlier this week it was announced that this season of Desperate Housewives would be the last. At one point, Eva, who seemed more relaxed than she's ever been in a televised interview, took the time to point out their similarities. “When we started this show, we were both employed and married, and now we’re both divorced and unemployed!” Longoria said as she burst into laughter.

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We are sad to see the end of his show – but we know this isn’t the end of the comedian’s career!

Check out Lopez’s monologue and interview with Longoria below: