Gabriel Iglesias is Coming to ABC With a New Pilot

Gabriel Iglesias is Coming to ABC With a New Pilot
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Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is going to take ABC by storm. 

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The comedian has reached a deal to write and star in a comedy series that will potentially be named The Fluffy Shop. The show's inspiration comes from Iglesias trying to manage his home life during his insanely busy work schedule. This will be Iglesias' first network pilot. 

Iglesias is co-writing the pilot with Jay Lavender and Tim Doyle. He is also the creator and producer of Fuse TV's comedy docuseries Fluffy Breaks Even. It dealt with Iglesias and his tour mates going from city to city performing their stand-up comedy skits. 

The Mexicano has been everywhere lately. He starred in the film The Fluffy Movie and co-starred in Magic Mike as well as Magic Mike XXL

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We can't wait to see his new pilot series!