EXCLUSIVE: Gabriel Conte Opens Up About Playing a Jock in 'Mr. Student Body President'

EXCLUSIVE: Gabriel Conte Interview
Wes Klain

Newcomer Gabriel Conte is taking the Hollywood scene by storm. The actor plays Matt Johnsmeyer in Go90’s Mr. Student Body President. He is handsome and is kicking some serious butt on the digital series. We spoke to Conte all about his new series and how being a YouTube star has helped him prepare for his role. Make sure to check out the series on the Go90 app or website. 

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Talk to me about you and your story. How you got into acting.

Basically, I started acting in middle school doing theater and stuff like that. I did it all through middle school and high school. Once I graduated high school, I started to audition around different schools in Florida to try and get my acting degree. Once I was actually in college, I also started doing YouTube. I ran with the acting thing and eventually came out to Los Angeles with plans to go back to Florida State University. My plans changed because the opportunities out here were what I was looking for for once I graduated. I ended up staying out here and things have been going super well. It’s been a lot of fun.

What is it about acting that you really love?

It’s to way to express opinions, emotions and express stories. Essentially recreating a story rather that just telling a story.

Talk to us about your role on Mr. Student Body President.

I’m the student body president. I play, Matt Johnsmeyer, he is the senior class president and is the captain of the soccer team. He ran for the position of Senior Class President so he could have the first period free and take naps in the student council room. That basically sums up the type of character he is. He’s not really about the politics that are going on. He’s the only member of the student council who doesn’t give too much of a crap about the politics and what’s happening. He wants to party, he wants to talk to girls. That’s basically what Matt Johnsmeyer is all about.

What has it been like on set for you?

Great because up until now I hadn’t done a show where I was on set for more than two weeks or something like that. This was a straight month of shooting every day. Sometimes my call times were at like five in the morning. The talent, the direction for production, all of it was up there. It was really cool being on set and seeing how something digital could still be so profession and still is going to compete well with traditional content.

What’s it like for you to work with the rest of the cast?

It was really cool. It was really great. Some of them I’d already known through YouTube. The majority of the cast was traditional talent, so people who don’t do You Tube or Vine, etc. It was cool going in and knowing some traditional faces but also working with people who have gotten their career and start as actors traditionally. It was a great mix and it really showed in the power and talent of the cast. You have the digital talent that is comfortable putting their content in digital platforms and digital.

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