FX's 'Mayans MC' Will Discuss Border Issues "Organically"

Photo Courtesy of FX

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is finally opening up about his latest FX series, Mayans MC with nearly a month to go before it premieres. Sutter spoke to The Wrap during the network's Television Critics Association (TCA) presentation on Friday saying the series will touch on the issues happening at the USA/Mexico border.

“We never comment on it, right, but for the show to be authentic we have to address it because it’s right in our face,” he said. "So they address the issues that they’re faced with on a daily basis in terms of legalities, and you know the extra pressure, the difficulty coming in and out — like all that stuff is real."

He explained that even though border issues will be discussed on the show, Trump will not be named specifically. Much like he avoided naming Obama while discussing important issues on Sons'.

“I equate it to this: On ‘Sons’ we never talked about the Obama administration, right," he asked. "But what happened when Obama got elected was that there was a 40-something percent uptick in the enrollment in white supremacist groups, right?

So when I read that I was like, ‘wow, how do we talk about this without talking about it?’ So what happened with the Aryan Brotherhood and the white supremacists became a big antagonist in the show and was inspired by the real-life circumstances of the huge uptick without it ever saying it was because of Obama,” he said.

Adding, "When it comes to “Mayans, we never mention Trump. We never talk about politics, but we deal with the reality that is happening at the border and the circumstances and external conflicts and sh** like that.”

When dealing with hot-button issues like politics, series executive producer Elgin James promises they'll be handled "organically."

“What’s great of the way Kurt has set it up is that we’re not a political show,” James said.  “So we as people who feel very strongly about things have to find a way to make it organic to the story.”

Adding, “We write our show for the people who actually live at the border. There’s no f—in’ time for politics. They’re living it every day.” 

Mayans MC is set to debut on September 4th.