FX Developing Drama with Undocumented Immigrant in Lead Role

The FX channel is catching a lot of heat for a new show they are developing featuring an illegal immigrant as the protagonist.

The drama, written by Chap Taylor (Changing Lanes), follows an undocumented Mexican immigrant working as a private investigator. Colombian-born TV exec Rodrigo Garcia is on board to direct and produce the project, which he described as "Traffic meets Chinatown."

When news of the project was reported by Deadline Hollywood, right-wing blogger Michael Drudge picked it up and it immediately caused a firestorm with commenters asking "which advertisers to boycott" and decrying the attempt to "glorify the law breakers."

After seeing the controversy the yet-unnamed project had already caused, Taylor responded:

"I am a middle-aged white guy, a practicing Roman Catholic, and a former Army paratrooper (peacetime). I am about as American as American gets. I would appreciate it if you would not pre-judge my character and intentions before you actually see the show. The pilot script hasn’t even been written yet. For people from any background to decide the value of a show before it even exists on paper, let alone has been shot, edited and broadcast is a little unfair."

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