7 of the Funniest Latinos to Grace the 'SNL' Stage!

Bruno Mars caused a major ratings boost for SNL during his host and musical guest appearance this past weekend. According to Hollywood Reporter, 5.4 million fans tuned in to watch our fella in action! In honor of Bruno's record-breaking appearance, we are taking a look at some of the funniest Latino celebs to grace the SNL stage. Which host is your favorite?

1. Bruno Mars on SNL

Bruno Mars:

There's no denying that the 27-year-old pop star was on fire as host and musical guest for SNL this past weekend. One of our favorite skits featuring the "Just The Way You Are" singer is the Maury Povich/Jerry Springer parody titled, “Haters with Sunny Taylor Tompkins.” He plays Crystal, who claims people hate on her because she's "young, has a debit card, and knows where the party is at." We are still cracking up about this one!

2. Jennifer Lopez On SNL

Jennifer Lopez:

In February 2009, Jennifer Lopez hit the SNL stage to gloat about her children and poke fun at her ‘simple life.’ The skit progressed with a pair of J.Lo drag queens and a former member of her entourage. The Boricua actress nailed her comedic timing and looked amazing in a leather mini-dress that screamed J.Lo! Who doesn’t love when Lopez hits the Saturday Night Live stage?

3. Sofia Vergara SNL

Sofia Vergara:

After we included the Colombian star in our Hunger Games Latino recast, the SNL writers featured Sofia as a reporter in the mystical world. Her accent and shimmy move was in full effect during this skit! We love the line, "All of the peanut butter and jelly without the crust." Watch it again below!

4. Christina Aguilera on SNL

Christina Aguilera:

The petite pop star may have a powerful voice, but she also proved she could nail a comedy sketch like a pro! The "Beautiful" singer played the sexually candid role of Sex And The City's Samantha Jones during her appearance. It was straight-up AMAZING - especially when she belts, "I'm a dude." Our bellies are still hurting from laughter!

5. Jessica Alba On SNL

Jessica Alba:

Let’s talk about sex baby (sorry mami)! The Mexican actress appeared in the naughty but nice SNL skit “I Just Had Sex” featuring Akon, Lonely Island, John McEnroe, and Blake Lively. Alba plays an unsatisfied lover in this hilarious must-see skit. Sounds like the perfect anthem for...well you know! Wink.


6. Eva Longoria on SNL

Eva Longoria:

The Desperate Housewives star gracefully poked fun at Latinos and their stereotypical roles on television for her SNL monologue. We love when Mary Ellis' voiceover interrupts her skit and expresses her jealously towards the Mexican actress. Classic! Makes you want to see Longoria in more comedic roles no?

7. Salma Hayek on SNL

Salma Hayek:

Watch out for King Kong! The Mexican actress and Tracy Morgan starred in this hilarious skit about a horny gorilla, which happens to end up  'poking into' Hayek's apartment. As the ending says, "It's beauty that calmed the beast." We were just as satisfied with the clip as their peeping Tom!