5 Funniest Episodes of Louie’s Third Season

With Louie’s season finale tonight, we select the best episodes of the bunch.

1. Louie: Intro

Emmy award-winning Mexican and Irish Louis C.K. is your favorite comic’s favorite comic. His critically lauded FX sitcom, Louie, defies all the rules—it’s shot in New York City, it doesn’t have happy endings, and it even uses jazz music to set up scenes. Yet, Louie’s a hit. Before you watch the season finale tonight at 10PM on FX, check out his finest episodes.

2. Louie: Miami

Episode 3: “Miami”

On the third episode, “Miami,” Louie, with the help of a young lifeguard, explores the city’s “real” side aka the Latino side. The comic also verbally expresses his Latino pride in the episode. It wasn’t forced or fake. It was genuine—just like Louie

3. Louie: Daddy's Girlfriend, Part 2

Episode 5: “Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2”

Parkey Posey—she of the master guest appearances—portrays Louie’s love interest. Louie becomes obsessed with Liz (Posey), a bookstore employee. The two go out one of the most bizarre dates ever recorded on TV (Liz apparently is a raging alcoholic, they enjoy a gluttonous time at a Jewish deli, and her name is Tape Recorder, but not really). Louie rarely says a word in this episode. He mainly has the face of a man trying not to die alone…and if she’s crazy, well, so what? At least he won’t die alone. 

4. Louie: Barney/Never

Episode 6: “Barney/Never”

In his standup routines, Louie barely likes his own kids. So when he’s asked by a strange fellow parent at his daughter’s school to take care of her son due to an emergency, hilarity and shit jokes ensue. Never, a tubby awkward kid ends up in Louie’s apartment. According to his mom, he’s allergic to everything yet he has a hankering for raw meat. We’ll spare you the details of the bathroom scene. 

5. Louie: Something is Wrong

Episode 1: “Something is Wrong”

Midlife crisis, anyone? Louie buys a motorcycle. One word: crash. 

6. Louie: Late Show

Episode 10 – 12: “Late Show”

In the three-episode arc, “Late Show,” Louie’s humanity comes through. Yes, he’s an accomplished standup comic but when the opportunity to takeover David Letterman’s show presents itself, Louie gives it his all. Even though he didn’t get the gig, it was a pleasure seeing Louie’s range as an actor. Plus, guests Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld come off like complete pricks.