'Fresh Off the Boat's' Luna Blaise on How Jennifer Lopez Inspires Her Character

EXCLUSIVE: Newcomer Luna Blaise on How Jennifer Lopez Inspires Her Character on 'Fresh Off the Boat'

Hollywood newcomer Luna Blaise stars as the sassy Nicole on ABC’s "Fresh Off the Boat," and she is having a blast getting started in her career. Blaise is not only busy working on the hit ABC show, but she is also starring in a James Franco-produced film called Memoria. We are obsessed with her, and you will be, too, after reading what she has to say.

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Can you talk to us a little bit about your character on "Fresh Off The Boat?"

I play Nicole, and she is the next-door neighbor to Eddie Huang. She is very outgoing and super confident in herself. She’s just a very bright person and very sassy.

Do you see yourself in her a lot?

Sometimes I do. I definitely have that sassiness factor in me.

How do you think that you guys are completely opposite? 

She’s a rebel; I’m not so much a rebel. She pushes the envelope.

What was it like for you to find out you were cast on this show?

Oh my gosh! Well, I found out, and I didn’t even think I was going to get it. I was like "oh, you know this is another audition." I was so happy that I did audition, but then I got the call and I was like "wait, what? This is so exciting!" I just feel so excited because I just walked into the audition not knowing that I was going to get it. It was really fun getting the call. It was a dream come true.

What has it been like for you on set so far?

It’s been a really amazing experience just knowing all the writers, all the cast members and the crew. Everybody is so sweet; we’re like one big family. It really is just an amazing experience. I learn something every single time I’m on set. I love how there are so many female writers on the show, and directors and producers.

What can we expect to see from your character in season 2?

I don’t know how much I can tell you. Eddie and I’s friendship is evolving, and getting into more mischief. My relationship with my stepmom, Honey, is definitely changing in season 2.

Changing how so?

I don’t think I can tell you that. You’re going to have to see.

What do you want to see come from your character?

I would love to see more things happen with Eddie and I’s friendship and stuff.

What did you do to prepare for this role?

I had to make up a dance, which was a little difficult. My entrance was a hip-hop dance, so I wasn’t really comfortable with hip-hop dancing but I did it, and I think I did a pretty good job.

How would you say that you incorporate being a Latina into the show, or into the character?

They haven’t really defined me as a Latina, but my inspiration on the show is Jennifer Lopez. I definitely think I may have a little Latina in me on the show but I don’t know. Viewers still haven’t met my mom yet, so I don’t know if my character is Latina or not.

How did you get started in Hollywood?

Both of my parents are in the industry, and I just grew up around the environment from a really young age. I was always surrounded by people in the industry. I’ve always loved acting. When I was little I always loved putting on shows for my parents, so I’ve always loved being in the performing arts. I definitely think that my surroundings is what got me into acting.

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