Francia Raisa Talks About Pregnancy Scares, On-Screen and Off spoke to beautiful and talented actress Francia Raisa about tonight’s season 3 premiere of her hit ABC Family show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The Honduran/Mexican beauty dished on her character Adrian Lee's highly anticipated pregnancy story line, and told us why she’s no stranger to pregnancy scares in her real life.

What can we look forward on the new season of Secret Life?
You can definitely expect to see a lot more drama! It’s not like the show didn’t have enough drama before, but we find out whether I’m pregnant or not!—which is everyone’s big question. You’ll find that out in Monday’s episode.

Were you excited when Secret Life Executive Producer Brenda Hampton told you about this pregnancy scare story line?
I was excited, because I thought: “This is going to look good on my reel!” I’m a big novelera fan and this was like doing a novella.

Did you tap into any real life stories to inform your role this season?
I have cousins who had kids when they were 16, and I remember them being pregnant. I remember talking to them. I remember scares my friends had. I tried to put myself in their shoes and the fear came to life. They were 16, possibly pregnant, and their parents were going to kill them. Obviously, if your parents are going to kill you, how are you going to raise a child?  I though about that, and I triggered that into my character because Adrian is smart and she actually thinks about all of that in advance.

At the end of last season, Adrian says that if she is pregnant—and we don’t know that she is yet—she’ll get rid of it.
She does say that. I can’t say…anything.

How does this season change Adrian?
She grows up a lot. This scare made her look at her life and evaluate her life. This season she’s a little more calm, and not as vindictive as previous seasons. She’ll open up to people.