Four Latinos Head to the Finals on 'The Voice'!

A Latino just won FOX’s American Idol, and now four Latinos (Raquel Castro, Javier Colon, Vicci Martinez and Xenia) have advanced to the live rounds on NBC's hit singing competition, The Voice. That means there's a good chance that one of them could win the whole competition! Get to know the four Latinos who are competing to become The Voice.


1. The Voice: Raquel Castro

Raquel Castro (Team Christina)

Genre: Pop/R & B

Why we love her: Raquel Castro is tiny, but her talent is large. The part-Puerto Rican actress-singer (best known for her role as Jennifer Lopez's daughter in the 2004 movie, Jersey Girl) wowed Christina Aguilera during her very first audition when she sang the Leona Lewis hit, "Bleeding Love." Christina, who is 5'1, loved that Raquel had a big, strong voice despite her size, joking, "I know from experience that great things come in small packages." Last week, Raquel showed off her big voice once again when she sang the hit Rihanna song, "Only Girl in the World" in a battle with fellow contestant Julia Eason.


2. The Voice: Javier Colon

Javier Colon (Team Adam)

Genre: Soul

Why we love him: This part-Dominican, part-Puerto Rican singer is one of the few contestants in the competition who got all four of the judges (Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green) to turn their chairs around and beg him to join their respective teams. Javier's voice is beautiful and soulful, as he demonstrated with his pitch-perfect rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time," and then again when he performed "Stand By Me" in the battle round, and won. Javier is our odds-on bet to win the whole thing!

3. The Voice: Xenia


Genre: Blues

Why we love her: One of two 16 year old Latinas in the competition (Raquel Castro is the other one), Xenia often talks about being the shy girl at school. Though you'd never know she was shy if you heard her voice. It obviously takes a lot of courage for her to get up on that stage and her bravery is one of the things we like most about her—well, we also love her unique gravelly, bluesy voice. Could she be the next Norah Jones? We think so!

4. The Voice: Vicci Martinez

Vicci Martinez (Team Cee-Lo)

Genre: Rock & Blues

Why we love her: Beware of Vicci Martinez and her "war dance!" When she performs, the 26-year-old Latina uses her legs to pound the pavement below her in an act that Cee-Lo has named her "war dance." Vicci first wowed Cee-Lo and the other judges when she performed (scratch that, when she rocked) out to the Adele hit "Rolling in the Deep" during her solo audition. During the battle rounds, Vicci beat out contestant Niki Dawson with a badass performance of the Pink song "Perfect," which was just that: Perfect!