Feud with Producer Rumored to be Reason for Jennifer Lopez's Abrupt 'Project Runway' Departure?

Finally, a believable explanation for Jennifer Lopez's last-minute bail out from guest judging duties on the season finale of Project Runway (seeing as how no one was really buying her "foot injury" excuse): it seems Jenny had a tiff with PR executive producer Harvey Weinstein because he refused to cast her in an unrelated movie project.

"Jennifer was hoping for a part in an upcoming Weinstein film, and she was told the day before (the Project Runway show) that she wasn't getting it," the source says. "She was angry, so she pulled out."

Speaking of angry, Project Runway host Heidi Klum is reportedly furious that Jennifer dropped out at the last minute. "Heidi went from one big-name judge for the finale to none," the source says. "It was embarrassing, especially the excuse that (Jennifer) was hurt."

For the record, Jennifer competed in a grueling triathlon less than two days after giving the "foot injury" excuse, which her trainer Gunnar Peterson himself discredited by telling OK! Magazine that there was "no injury."

Jennifer's rep, Leslie Sloane, denied the rumors, saying "(Jennifer) pulled out (of Runway) because she had an injury and had to have it rehabbed so she could compete (in the triathlon)." She went on to say "(Jennifer) has no issues with Harvey (Weinstein)."

If Jennifer wanted to throw us off the scent of her feud with the studio executive, maybe she should have come up with a better excuse for bailing on the show. May we suggest: the dog ate my cue cards?