'Fashion Star' Recap: Something for Everyone

Tonight on NBC's Fashion Star the designers were challenged to create pieces that could fit women of all shapes and sizes, while still staying true to their style and aesthetic. Inspiritational? We think so! As Latinas, we come in all different shapes and sizes. And many of us also tend to be curvy (and love our curves) - but what do we do when we can't find the right clothes to flatter these curves?

Fashion Star contestant, and fellow Latina, Johana Hernandez was fully dedicated to desigining pieces for the curvy girl and the girl who can't fit into the really small sizes we often see in stores. As one out of the three remaining on Nicole Richie's team, the pressure was on to create buyable clothing. Johana stuck to red and black, and received quite a bit of criticism from fellow teammate Priscilla Barroso. Guess that's what happens when tensions rise during a fierce competition.

When it came time to showcase her red and black peplum dress to the buyers on the runway, the mentors didn't feel that her piece was one that could fit all. Unfortunately, the buyers agreed, leaving Johana without any offers on the table and putting her in place of possible elimination at the end of the night.

So was our Fashion Star fave sent home tonight? Thanks to the buyers votes during elimination, Johana remained safe and will be back next week!

Were you happy to see that Johana Hernandez got to stick around for another round? Do you think she'll come back stronger than ever next week?