Fall 2013 TV Lineup: What You Need to Watch

Adios, summer! While we love the warm weather, nothing beats fall TV -- and this year it's jam packed with Latinos! From Demi Lovato on Glee to Adam Rodriguez on a new CBS show, here are the 18 series you need to watch:

1. Fall TV: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Stephanie Beatriz (Detective Rosa Diaz) and Melissa Fumero (Detective Amy Santiago) star in this new Fox comedy about a diverse group of detectives whose carefree days are long gone after a new captain is brought on. Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on September 17!

2. Fall TV: Friends with Better Lives

Friends with Better Lives

Majandra Delfino stars as Andi in this CBS series about a group of six thirty-something year old friends who are all wondering if their friends have it better than them. Andi and Bobby (played by Kevin Connolly) are married with kids and often wish they could go back to the days when they had less responsibility. Their group of friends includes a recently divorced bachelor who appears happy, but wishes he were still married; a married couple who believe marriage is like the Holy Grail and wonder if they’ll make it; and a highly successful career woman who is the only one of the group to have never been married. The show is set for a midseason release!

3. Fall TV: The Originals

The Originals

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries spin-off will focus on the story of the Original Family of vampires. Mexican American actress Daniella Pineda will play Sophie – a witch on the hunt to take down these bloodsuckers. The Originals will premiere on October 15!

4. Fall TV: Reckless


CBS’ Charleston, South Carolina based show centers on Jamie, a gorgeous Yankee litigator, and Roy, a Southern City Attorney, who struggle to hide their intense attraction while clashing over a police sex scandal. Adam Rodriguez plays Preston, a well-respected police detective who works for the Charleston Police Department. Reckless is slated to premiere midseason!

5. Fall TV: Murder Police

Murder Police

If you love The Simpsons or Family Guy, say hello to your newest animated obsession! Created by Jason Ruiz, Murder Police is about Manuel Sanchez – a clumsy, but well-meaning homicide detective who aspires to be a great cop. The cast includes Justina Machado as the voice of Rosa Sanchez and Horatio Sanz as Donel. Murder Police will premiere on Fox’s midseason lineup!

6. Fall TV: Gang Related

Gang Related

Ramon Rodriguez stars as Detective Ryan Lopez – a rising star in Los Angeles’ elite Gang Task Force who was once part of a powerful Latino gang called Los Angelicos – in this new Fox action-drama. Actor Jay Hernandez plays Det. Lopez’s childhood best friend and investment banker, Daniel Acosta. Gang Related hits Fox network midseason!

7. Fall TV: Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Spanish and Iranian actress Sarah Shahi joins the cast of Person of Interest’s third season as Samantha Shaw. The CBS hit show’s newest season premieres on September 24!

8. Fall TV: Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family

In laws. For better or for worse. Ricardo Chavira plays Chuey Hernandez in this NBC comedy about two families whose cultures collide due to an unexpected pregnancy. Justina Machado co-stars as Chavira’s tough, but sensible wife. Fellow Desperate Housewives alum, Eva Longoria, will also be making a guest appearance. Welcome to the Family will premiere October 3!

9. Fall TV: Michael J. Fox Show

The Michael J. Fox Show

Brasilera Ana Nogueira stars as Kay Costa in this comedy inspired by Michael J. Fox’s life about a news anchor named Mike Henry (Michael J. Fox) who is juggling his family, career and Parkinson’s disease. Kay is Mike’s young but loyal segment producer. The Michael J. Fox Show premieres on NBC September 26!

10. Fall TV: The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs

Set in the 1980s, this upcoming ABC comedy (which is the Wonder Years of 2013) stars former X Factor contestant Hayley Orrantia. Orrantia plays Adam Goldberg’s sister Erica. "Adding a daughter into the mix would open up the whole world and bring us different kinds of stories," said Goldberg. The Goldbergs will premiere September 24!

11. Fall TV: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

JoAnna Garcia Swisher is joining the cast of ABC’s hit show for its upcoming third season. Swisher will portray Ariel, the Little Mermaid when the characters head to Neverland. Once Upon a Time’s third season premieres September 29!

12. Fall TV: Glee


Demi Lovato is singing her way onto Glee this season! And thanks to our October cover girl, we found out that Lovato will be playing Naya Rivera’s love interest on the show. Glee’s fifth season will premiere on Fox September 26!

13. Fall TV: Super Fun Night

Super Fun Night

Liza Lapira will costar in this comedy starring funny girl Rebel Wilson as Kimmie. Kimmie and her two best friends worry that their Friday-night tradition (staying home in their pajamas) will be threatened when Kimmie gets a big promotion at her law firm and is invited to a party by the cute transfer from the London office. Super Fun Night premieres October 2 on ABC!

14. Fall TV: Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife

Kate (played by Malin Akerman) is married to a man with three children and multiple ex-wives. Natalie Morales stars as Kate’s somewhat crazy amiga, Meg. Trophy Wife premieres September 24 on ABC!

15. Fall TV: Betrayal


This ABC show centers on a beautiful but unhappily married female photographer who begins a torrid affair with a lawyer. Roxana Brusso stars as Serena Sanguillen in Betrayal, which premieres September 29!


16. Fall TV: Dads


Tonita Castro plays Edna in this comedy about two childhood best friends in their mid-30s, whose lives are turned upside down by their pain-in-the-neck fathers. Dads premieres on September 17 on Fox!

17. Fall TV: Mother Up

Mother Up!

This new adult animated Hulu comedy stars Eva Longoria as the voice of Rudi Wilson. Rudi is a shamed former music executive who moves out of the big city and into the surburbs to raise her children. Mother Up! premieres on Hulu November 6.

18. Fall TV: Homeland


Actor Manny Perez joins the cast of Homeland this season as El Nino. Homeland's third season premieres September 29!