Fall TV Diversity Report Card: HBO

From Victor Rasuk and Luis Guzman in How To Make It in America to Kevin Alejandro and Paola Turbay on True Blood—and Paz de la Huerta on Boardwalk Empire—HBO has made a concerted effort this year to represent the 50 million+ Latinos who are currently living in the United States, in their primetime dramas. The network’s comedies—on the other hand—are an entirely different story. 

Fall TV Diversity Report Card: ABC

While Puerto Rican actress Ana Ortiz had a recurring role on the hit comedy, Hung this season—there are no Latinos on any of HBO's other comedies, including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bored to Death, Enlightened, and Entourage—which recently wrapped its eight and final season.  

All five of those shows feature largely White casts, which doesn’t make for realistic television viewing when two of those shows (“Bored” and the latest season of “Curb”) are set in the very diverse New York City—while Entourage was set in the similarly diverse L.A.

Diversity Report Card: HBO

HBO needs to get hip to the fact that it makes cents (pun intended) to add diversity to its network. ABC, for example, is enjoying one of its most successful seasons of TV programming ever, in part because the network is appealing to various demographics of people. Interestingly, while HBO’s dramas are faring very well in the ratings this year, almost all of the network’s comedies are suffering. Could the lack of diversity be partly to blame? 

Grade: B