EXCLUSIVE: Which 'True Blood' Star Is Crushing On Alexander Skarsgard?

Colombian actress Paola Turbay (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) has a hot new role on HBO's hit show, True Blood this summer, and with so many yummy guys appearing bare-chested on the hit show every week, we asked Paola—who was the first runner-up in the 1992 Miss Universe competition—which of the vamps in Bon Temps she's crushing on. 

"I think this season I would date Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) because of what he's turned into," Paola said. "It's this contrast between this arrogant vampire and a boy. He's a child—he's looking at everything from such an innocent point of view, and he turns into this cute person which we're not used to seeing," she says.

But Paola admits that Eric isn't the only supernatural in Bon Temps who has her heart. "I also like Sam," she says. "He's not a vampire, pero, I think he's interesting as a man...on the show," she says with a laugh. 

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Still, there's little chance that Paola's character Antonia—a powerful 17th Century witch living during the Spanish Inquisition—will hook up with either Eric or Sam. After all, Antonia is way too busy chanting and fighting against the Clergy to think about dating. Even so, Paola says he's having a great time playing a 17th Century woman. "A contemporary woman is completely different from a woman in the 17th Century," she says. "It wasn't like it is today where women are respected for what we think and what we do and feel—they couldn't really have a point of view. Any woman that would speak out loud or try to have a voice would be considered a rebel or a threat to society," says Paola. 

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Paola, who has to chant long monologues in Latin on the show, says it wasn't hard for her to learn her lines on the show. "I took Latin in school," she explains. "So I was really familiar with the language. Although we did have to bring in somebody because there were some words that I wasn't familair with, and some words were way older than Latin." She says that when she's chanting on the show, she's not improvising. "The chants were real and they were words that were kind of complicated to find so they had to call experts," she says. 

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Paola, who has had roles on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The Closer, says she's been trying to crossover into mainstream American roles for years, and with True Blood, she's hit the jackpot. "I crossed over four years ago and nobody said anything," she says. "I got the True Blood role, and two days later it was everywhere! I knew how important the show was, but I really never thought it was going to be so strong, in such a big way," she says.