EXCLUSIVE: Victor Rasuk on 'How To Make It In America': “Cam is Going To Be Shirtless A Lot This Season”

With HBO’s hit show, How to Make it in America premiering this Sunday, October 2nd at 10:30 p.m, we sat down with the show's Dominican star Victor Rasuk to get all the inside scoop on season two. Rasuk, 27, told us why season two is so much better than season one, dished on his character Cam's new love interest, and told us why it's finally time for Cam to move out of his abuela’s apartment.

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What's coming up in season two of How to Make it in America!

I’ve been so blessed these last 10 years to work on some really cool things, but this is by far the most proud I’ve ever been of anything. When you watch the second season, there’s no dead space. I criticize my own s--- and I felt like the first season lacked real sexiness—which New York has. Also, while there were great moments in season one, there was also dead space in some parts of the show where there wasn’t that much going on. You’re going to be shocked at what goes on—it’s going to be so dope!

What’s coming up for your character Cam in season 2?

Cam is definitely more driven to move out of grandma’s apartment. But the thing is that Crisp doesn’t take off right away, so he has to find another hustle to make money. I don’t want to give it away, but it’s an illegal side business that could jeopardize Crisp. Also, Cam is finally getting his own love interest in season two and she becomes a huge part of the show.

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Is Cam’s love interest a Latina?

No, she’s not {Laughs}. In the first season, Cam hooked up with a Latin girl, but I think season two is all about Cam growing up. He wants to try new things—and I think that dating a girl who isn’t Latin is a step toward growing for Cam. You see Cam and you assume he’s hood and that he only dates hood girls. But the girl he dates in season two already owns her own business and in a way Cam looks up to what she’s already doing.

Do you think a lot of young, Latino guys relate to your character on the show?

Yes, 100 percent! What’s amazing is that you said 'young Latino,’ but in a way it’s young people, period—white, black, etc. We got such a great response in terms of the demographic we were aiming for and I think in the second season, they really want to get at that demo even more.

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Now that Entourage is over, do you see yourselves as the new Entourage for HBO?

How to Make it in America is a different show because it’s a show about New York. Our show is about a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. We capture White, Latin, Black—all cultures. Entourage captured a world that wasn’t as diverse. 

Are we going to see more of half-Mexican actor Kid Cudi in season two?

People were really disappointed that Kid Cudi wasn’t in the show that much in the first season and let me tell you something: he is going to be the runaway f------ surprise on this show. They wrote so much good sh** for him and he’s so impressive. I was so proud of him because a lot of our scenes are together and homeboy—after season 1 homeboy really did his homework. He took an acting class and took that s--- serious and I was so impressed. We were all impressed. Wait ‘till you see it.

All of the Latinas out there want to know: Will Cam be shirtless in season two?

Cam is going to be shirtless a lot this season! I’m so excited.