EXCLUSIVE: Valeria from 'Quiero Mis Quinces' On Her Very Mexican, Very Traditional Party

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we meet Valeria – a Mexican American Colorado teen whose dream was to have a very traditional quinceañera.

And she meant business.

Not a fan of the tweaks other girls have done with their own quinces, the 16-year-old high school junior did her best to steer clear from that and make her party reflect Mexican tradition. We’re talking about including banda music and horses. Yes, horses. Keeping her quinces traditional was important to Valeria and, in a recent interview with Latina.com, she told us via e-mail that it was also important to her familia as well.

Valeria’s Quiero Mis Quinces episode airs tonight at 6 p.m. ET. Read our full interview with her below and see what she told us about her worry over not having a quinces because of past poor grades and the nice surprise she received when her father chose her dress for her.

What made you decide to have a traditional quinceañera?

I wanted to have a traditional quinceañera because lately all you see are so-called- quinceañeras but they’re with a crazy twist. I didn’t want any of that. I come from Mexican parents and I was raised with the Mexican background and beliefs and a traditional quinceañera dress is white to show pureness. That’s what my mom told me. 

Why was having a traditional party important to you?

It wasn’t just important to me to have a traditional quinceañera; it was also important to my parents and family to remind them of what a traditional quinces is… even though I went all out with the horses like the quinceañeras do it in Mexico.

What kind of quinces traditions did you include in your party? Describe them to us.

I had my white quinceañera dress, which is the color a quinceañera dress should be – it’s just that nowadays people want their quinceañeras more modern and up-to-date. The dress I had for my blessing ceremony is a Escaramusa dress which is very traditional because of the colors and the design. My blessing was super important even though the padre got here late and it only lasted half an hour. 

Were you worried you wouldn’t be able to have a quinces because of your grades in the past?

When my mom stopped planning my quinces last year, I won't lie. I cried for days and I kind of rebeled because I was so mad. But I understand I didn’t try to keep my grades up I didn’t like school a year ago.

Tell us about your quinces dress/outfit.

People are surprised by the fact that my dad chose the dress. Yeah I know it’s crazy, but at the same time it was very sweet because I have never heard of a dad doing that. He decided to surprise me and let me know that my quinces planning was back on because I started to get really good grades. My dress was all white with lots of layers. It was kind of like a corset with little sequins on top. It was pretty heavy because of all the layers, but I loved it… it made me look like I had a tiny waist.

What was the best part about your quinces?

The whole day was amazing thanks to my parents and family, but the best part would have to be when I got on the horse. Banda La Batalla started to play “Arriba Pichataro” and the horse started to dance. My heart was pumping so fast and I wanted to cry because a quinces is something I had always wanted and it was finally the day.