EXCLUSIVE: Univision Chief Predicts Greater Latino Influence on Media

With the news coming out yesterday that the Latino population in the U.S. grew 43% since 2000, we thought we would check in with President of Univision Networks, César Conde. As we reported in January, Univision aims to be the top TV network in the U.S. by 2015. As of February, they were the number 4 network, beating NBC.

How do you think the census results will affect the general media atmosphere?
As the fastest-growing community in our country, and as evidenced by yesterday’s numbers, Hispanics are driving one of the most profound demographic shifts in American history. As Hispanics increasingly take center stage as a powerful force in American life, we will see a greater Latino influence on the overall media landscape.
Do you think that English-language TV will adjust their programming accordingly?
I think we are already seeing adjustments to reflect the growing influence of Hispanics across the media landscape and as companies and businesses around the U.S. take a look at what we’ve known for years here at Univision, which is why the Census number is not a surprise.

Would you ever consider adding subtitles in English for programming?
Our on-going strategy is to provide viewers with relevant, high-quality entertainment and we are always evaluating and evolving our programming. We have made English-language captions available for some marquee specials on Univision, including the first-ever Spanish-language debates for the U.S. presidency, and do so with additional programming on TeleFutura.
Are there other creative ways you're thinking of to grab the English-speaking Latino audience?
We are increasingly using social and interactive media, as well as radio, to further engage with our bilingual audiences in English and Spanish. We value the importance and reach of Spanish-language television and remain committed to our strategy.
What was the most surprising aspect to you about the census results?
The Census results are not as much a surprise as they are a validation of what we have known for some time – Hispanics are driving exponential growth across the United States.