EXCLUSIVE: Tony Plana on His Creepy 'Desperate Housewives' Character: “I Wanted To Tarnish My Image A Little Bit"

At the end of last Sunday’s episode of ABC’s Desperate Housewives — an hour entitled, “Then I Really Got Scared,”— Gaby (Eva Longoria) was seen combing her hair while looking outside her bedroom window, while a creepy man was shown standing on her lawn watching her. It was an eerie scene that will be developed further in the Desperate Housewives season finale (airing this Sunday at 9/8c). We caught up with Ugly Betty alum Tony Plana to get the 411 on his creepy character and to find out if our favorite housewife Eva Longoria is in danger. 

Tony: We will always love you for playing Ignacio Suarez on Ugly Betty! Why are you being creepy on Desperate Housewives?

{Laughs}. I can’t talk that much about exactly what I’m doing. I will confirm the fact that it is creepy.  It’s a startling revelation about Gaby's {Eva Longoria} past and a connection to her past that is extremely painful and frightening for her.

Just how scary is your character?

It doesn’t get much scarier — especially for a woman. 

Is Gaby in danger?

Yes. There's a possibility that she'll have to fight for her life. The danger can be imagined or real, but that's as far as I'll say because I think that it's important to maintain the suspense. I think in her mind it's dangerous.

How different is this guy from your Ugly Betty character, Ignacio?

{Big laugh}. It's probably the other end of the spectrum. But I was attracted to it because Ignacio is such a sweet, nurturing, loving, inspiring dad and this guy is the complete opposite. I wanted to tarnish my image a little bit {Laughs} and show that I still have the acting range. When they called me considering me for the role, they had their doubts, so my agent sent them some tapes of some of the darker characters that I’ve played, and they were convinced enough to allow me to play it. I've been talking about this recently - I've been saying, I need to play some a-holes again!