EXCLUSIVE: Stephanie from 'Quiero Mis Quinces' On Fighting to Have Her Party 'Her' Way

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we meet Stephanie – an Ecuadorian American teenager who found her own quinces party plans slightly overshadowed by plans made by her mami and sister.

With her strong personality, the 15-year-old New Jersey teen did her best to wrestle her way through her party planning to make it the way she’d hoped. Did Stephanie succeed?

The high school freshman spoke to Latina.com exclusively via e-mail about her Quiero Mis Quinces episode, which airs tonight at 6 p.m. ET. Read our full interview with Stephanie, and make sure to check out her episode teaser video below!

Tell us about your Quiero Mis Quinces episode.

My Quiero Mis Quince episode was very me. The reason why I say “me” is because I am a big, dramatic person and if I don’t get my way, I try getting it with any argument possible. All my life, I had waited for my quinces; the only thing that bugged me the most was that my sister was the planner… everything was her decision. In the end, filming brought me joy because I was going to be on TV!

Your mom and sister wanted to plan your quinceañera themselves – how did that make you feel?

Since my mom and my sister wanted to plan my quinceañera, I got so aggravated! I couldn’t take it. I understand they just wanted the best for me but sometimes they have to let me make my own decisions. The only things I got to choose were the first layer of my cake, my girls’ dresses, and my second dress – but they made me wear it in pink instead of blue!

Tell us about the plan your mom and sister had for you. How was it different from what you wanted?

The plan my mom and sister had wanted was to have only 7 couples, but I wanted my 14. So I got it. They also wanted me to have a traditional quinces, but I changed it up a little into my style. My mom and sister wanted me to have a schedule for the whole day but I didn’t want that. My mom and sister wanted me to walk in with long hair, but I wanted short… so I cut off a whole lot! Basically everything in my quinces wasn’t how I wanted but I still changed up a lot because it was my party.

Tell us about your party’s theme.

The theme my sister chose (not me) was a “Winter Wonderland” since my birthday is in December. I ended up loving it; the colors and everything! Especially that my guys got to wear white!

Tell us about your quinces dress.

My quinces dress was a traditional pink dress; I couldn’t stand the pink though! It had ruffles that I loved though, and the beads were really cute on the corset. It also had a train.

What was the best part about your quinces?

The best part of my quinces was when I danced with my court, but favorite part was when I danced with my dad! I love my dad no matter what; he’s my hero. He’s my best friend, he’s my brother… he’s my dad! I could never lose him.

What advice would you give other Latinas whose family tries to plan their party for them?

Make sure you chose the theme – it’s supposed to express and resemble who you are. Make sure the girls’ dresses aren’t just cute and gorgeous, but that they would look good on every single girl in your court. Make sure the music is not just for family or friends, but also for you. Never ever give any problems to your mom or dad… You have to remember they’re the ones who are spending a lot just for you!