EXCLUSIVE: Stefano Langone on Why Marc Anthony Wasn’t Upset About All That Flirting with J.Lo

We caught up with American Idol season 10 castoff Stefano Langone to get the 411 on his Latin roots, and what it felt like to flirt with the most beautiful woman in the world

All season long, you were described as the “Italian” contestant on American Idol, but this week we found out you’re also half-Latino. Is that right?

Yes! I’m half. My mother is Mexican and Spanish — probably more Mexican though.

Do you identify with your Latin background or do you just identify as being Italian?

I have family on both sides, but my Latino side has been in the U.S. for so long that the heritage isn’t as strong as my Italian side. The Italian [side] is a little more prominent because I have third generation Italian blood, and the traditions are really strong with my Italian side — on the Mexican side not as much, but it’s still there.

Do you know the Latin family members from your mother’s side?

I do. I know them all.

Were your raised by your mom and your dad?

By both, yes.

Do you speak Spanish?


There was one Latina on this season of Idol who loved flirting with you – Jennifer Lopez! What did it feel like having the most beautiful woman in the world crushing on you?

It was very, very humbling. But you know what, outside of the whole flirting thing, I have a huge respect for her and her husband — they were both huge mentors for me during this experience. So to get the relationship that I got out of [the show] with both of them was such a blessing and I’m so happy to have that.

Did Marc ever get upset about the flirting?

No! Marc was cool! The little things didn’t really bother him. It was all playful, I think. Again, they were really good to me and I appreciate that so much.

J.Lo aside (because we don’t want Marc to come after you!) do you like Latin women?

Oh yeah! Oh, yeah! I love them all though. It’s tough for me because I appreciate all women in all shapes, sizes and definitely race.

Any chance you’ll collaborate with J.Lo and Marc in the future?

You know what, I will go out on a limb and say that would be amazing. Do I know for sure? No. Would I love to? Yes!

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