EXCLUSIVE: Stacey Dash's Tips for Looking Young and Her Advice to Latinas in Hollywood

Nobody who watched VH1's new one-hour drama, Single Ladies last night would ever guess that the youthful looking Stacey Dash is 45-years-old! "I literally just use Cetaphil," the part-Mexican actress told Latina.com when we asked how she manages to stay so gorgeous. "I keep it very, very simple. I do eye cream and sunscreen every day. Even if you’ve got olive skin, or brown skin, you still need sunscreen," she explains. "I drink a lot of water. I work out."

Dash says she also follows a strict diet and while she doesn't eat bread, she eats a lot of protein and vegetables including "brown rice, greens and fruit. I try to eat clean," she says. 

Although most people don't know she's half-Mexican, Dash says she's proud to be Latina. "It's really important to me. Right now I’m learning Spanish because I never learned it growing up. It's important that my children speak Spanish," she says. Dash says she hopes Spanish will also help her land parts in Hollywood. "Hopefully I can get to do more roles if I get my Spanish right," she says. "I'm going to work real hard so my accent is good."

Asked what her advice is for other Latinas in Hollywood, Dash says it's simple: be proud of who you are. "It's your culture," she says. "It's who you are. We need diversity. The most important thing for me, in Hollywood, [is that] at this point it should not be about a certain race or color, it’s about your ability and what you do. We have a really huge platform to do that and it’s important that we do it with integrity." Well said, Stacey!