EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez Tells Us What Hurts Her Feelings Most

Selena Gomez stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show this week to promote her new single, "Who Says," which the 18-year-old singer has dedicated to haters, and the conversation quickly turned to the subject of bullying.  

When Ellen asked Selena if she was bullied as a child, the 18-year-old singer said, “I think everybody gets picked on and made fun of and I obviously still have to deal with that now." It's no secret that Selena has received death threats from boyfriend Justin Bieber's fans on Twitter, but what Selena did reveal to Ellen for the first time is how that negativity affects her life. Confessing that it makes her "mad" and "upset," Selena revealed, "I have cried before, but I have such a great family, i'm so blessed, so I can't focus on it and I try not to."

Gomez told Ellen her new single "Who Says" is about bullies. "It really says a lot because it's already hard enough being 18 and figuring out who you are and what you want to be, and people just constantly want to take you down," said Selena. "This song was for my fans, because the song is basically saying we're all insecure, we all feel this way, but I think it's beautiful."

Last week, we asked Selena to tell us the thing that hurts her feelings the most and the sweet singer replied in a sincere whisper: "When people use hurtful words to bring me down." Keep your head up, Selenita!

To learn more about bullying and what you can do to help stop it in your community, visit StopBullying.gov, a website that provides helpful tips and information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents and educators can prevent and help stop bullying.