EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez: "I Didn’t Quit 'Wizards!'"

If you’re as sad as we are about birthday girl Selena Gomez quitting her hit Disney series, Wizards of Waverly Place—we’ve got some magical news that’s guaranteed to cheer you up: It’s not true!

"People ask me why I quit and I’m like, I didn’t quit!" Selena told Latina.com. "Why would I quit this amazing show when we have such incredible fans? It’s what started me."

While she loves the show and Disney, Gomez did admit that the upcoming fourth season of Wizards could very well be its last. 
"My older brother on the show is going off to college and my younger brother is going through puberty—so I don’t think the show is going to necessarily have anywhere to go after that," she says.

Parting with Wizards won't be easy for the sensitive teen star. “I cried when last season was over and they were like, 'Um, we’re going to be back, Selena.' ” [Laughs] "That’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do."