EXCLUSIVE: Sara Ramirez Wonders: “What If I Never Joined 'Grey’s Anatomy?'”

The highly anticipated ‘If/Then’ episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is finally here (tonight at 9/8c), and since the big “what if” episode is set in an alternate reality, we thought it would be fun to ask Sara Ramirez (one of the show’s biggest stars) how her life would be different if she had never joined Grey’s Anatomy following her Tony-award winning performance in Broadway's Spamalot.

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“If I never starred on Grey's Anatomy, I would probably still live in New York!” Sara told Latina.com exclusively in an email. But the Mexican actress who plays orthopedic surgeon Callie Torres on the hit show, added that even if she never joined Grey’s, a career in television may have happened anyway. “Maybe another opportunity would have brought me out to Los Angeles, who knows?”

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Ramirez also told us that tonight’s episode proves that some things are meant to be. “I think an interesting theme in this episode is that no matter what choices you make, your destiny continues to make attempts to find you.” (Side note: We’re glad Sara joined Grey’s (she’s our favorite actor on the show)!

Watch the first 11 minutes of tonight's episode in the clip below!