EXCLUSIVE: Sara Ramirez: "Whether people are straight or gay, sh*t happens!"

Latina.com caught up with Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez to get exclusive insider dish on season seven of the medical drama (premiering Thursday, September 23rd). The smart and beautiful Mexican actress, 34, told us what’s coming up for her character, Callie Torres, why no relationship is ever perfect, and why she wouldn’t mind walking down the aisle—on TV.
 Last season, Grey’s Anatomy ended with multiple cliffhangers—one of which was Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) agreeing to have a baby with Callie. Does Arizona keep her promise in the new season?
I feel like the shooting in last season’s finale—which was well received by a lot of people—caused a lot of characters to make decisions about their lives and their partners. It will be interesting to see how those promises play out. I don’t know if Arizona jumped the gun—or if she really meant it that she’s going to have a kid with Callie. I don’t know if she wants to be with Callie forever.
 Is there any chance that Callie and Arizona will enter into a domestic partnership?
Callie has been married once before and I know that she promised her father that she would walk down the aisle in a wedding dress—if Arizona were into that. But I don’t know where Arizona’s at with the whole situation. I think Callie would be into that.
 Do you personally want to see Callie walk down the aisle on Grey’s?
I would like to see Callie with someone who is not just her lover, but also her friend—somebody who’s in it for the long haul. Right now Callie is with Arizona and I’m really happy that she’s found someone that she’s happy with, at the moment. I want Callie to ultimately be really happy with herself.
 If Callie and Arizona have a kid on the show, do you think one of them would get pregnant or would they adopt a child?
I’ve thought about that. I think adoption would be really interesting because it removes the whole sperm donor issue. Adoption is a global issue these days—it’s certainly current—and it’s encouraging for a lot of couples whether they’re straight or gay.
 Is there any chance that Grey’s would introduce a new love interest to come between Callie and Arizona?
Jessica and I have talked about this a lot. I think [Callie and Arizona] need conflict. I think they should bring in somebody else to threaten the relationship, because that happens all of the time in real life. Whether people are straight or gay, you know, shit happens! Conflict happens. People aren’t happy all of the time.
 How do you think the fans would react to that?
It’s a touchy subject.  I know that there are many fans out there that feel represented and they are hungry for a lesbian or gay couple that is not dysfunctional, that is healthy, grounded and happy. On the flipside, that could be really boring to watch! [Laughs] Everybody’s really interested to see if Callie and Arizona are going to end up being the happy lesbian couple that nobody really pays attention to—because they’re happy in the corner. I hope they will continue to challenge the relationship because it’s more interesting and more real.