EXCLUSIVE: Sara Ramirez on 'Grey's Anatomy:' "Some People Might Have to Leave"

With the new season of Grey's Anatomy premiering tonight at 9/8c on ABC, we caught up with Mexican actress Sara Ramirez to get the inside scoop on the all-new season. Check it out!

Tell us about the new season of Grey's!

Season eight is picking up where season 7 left off. Cristina and Owen have a major issue around where they stand with having a child—they disagree when we start the season, and there's {the issue} of whether she's going to have an abortion of not. Meredith and Derek are also dealing with pretty heavy issues—the Alzheimer's trial, and Derek discovering that Meredith lied, and the Chief ends up having a very intense scene with Meredith where she's basically fired. They also have this baby that they're trying to adopt between them named Zola. As for Calzona, all is peaceful on the Calzona front. She has much deserved happiness to enjoy right now.

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Are there any funny scenes coming up on the new season?

Callie and Arizona go to a conference in the beginning of the season and they leave Sofia with Marc to take care of her. Comedy ensues! {Laughs}. There are some light, funny moments this season—especially for April, being a chief resident, and trying to be a leader among some very independent-thinking competitive surgeons. The show is getting back to a nice balance of drama and comedy, which I think is needed. Last season, it was really great how we truly explored how dramatic things could get—especially toward the end of the season—so it's nice to see that the beginning of season eight is not only representing the drama side of Grey's Anatomy, but also representing the comedic side as well.

Are we going to get to know Callie and Arizona's baby this season?

There are scenes with Sofia and some scenes with Arizona and Sofia, which i think the fans will like. 

Give us a spoiler about the new season!

I got to work a lot with Kevin McKidd at the beginning of this season, which I really enjoyed. Callie and Hunt get to work together on a case outside of the hospital. They are dealing with somebody who's trapped with someone else, and they have to talk a civilian through doing a medical surgery by themselves. 

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What's your favorite thing about the new season?

Well, I'm excited about the fact that season eight is really getting back to the core original members that started this whole show, who are still with us—characters like Alex, Bailey, Meredith, Derek, Cristina—it's great. And of course there are the lingering questions from the outside of who's going to stay and who's going to go—I'm really interested and excited to see how the writers continue to develop these arcs throughout the season, knowing that some people might have to leave. 

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This season sounds great, but way too peaceful for Grey's Anatomy. Is {Executive Producer} Shonda Rhimes going to end the season with something really dramatic? 

You never know... I think for the first time, she doesn't know how it's going to end! And that's unusual for her. She usually walks in in the beginning of the season and tells the writers where it's going to end. This is the first season where she hasn't done that. It's a rollercoaster—if you haven't been watching the show, you should know you're in for a ride, and you've got to keep your mind open. It's great that people care so much about the evolution of these characters—the fact that people care at all is something that speaks volumes about the writing and the production of the show.