EXCLUSIVE: Roselyn Sanchez & Dania Ramirez Talk 'Devious Maids'

Carmen’s employer, played by Matt Cedeño is all kinds of caliente! Is there any romance possibility between them?

Roselyn: She is capable of anything but I think that right now she is playing it smart. She realizes that if she plays that card with the boss too fast she will lose. So she is going to hold off on that a little longer and she is going to see if someone else gives her some attention and helps her out with her goals that is not the big boss.

Dania, we learned some background into Rosie’s life via flashback. Will we learn more as the season progresses?

Dania: You will absolutely learn more about her background and how it all comes into play with her son in current day. I feel I have a responsibility to carry-out the immigrant story since it’s one that I hold very dear to my heart since my story is similar in a lot of ways. My mom came to America when I was six years old and I didn’t live with them until I was ten. They worked really hard in factories and my dad as a taxi driver to be able to afford visas for my sister and I.

This is a story that I know a lot of Hispanics will be able to identify with and it’s really why we hope the community really pays attention and watches the show before making a judgement. We really need their support to make this show a success, I know once they see it they will be hooked!

Catch the Devious Maids premiere on Lifetime Sunday, June 23 at 10 EST.