EXCLUSIVE: Roselyn Sanchez & Dania Ramirez Talk 'Devious Maids'

Dania, within the first two episodes your character Rosie witnesses an indiscretion while at work. This leads her to an exchange with her boss Spence Westmore (Grant Show) and there seemed to be some chemistry between them. Dish!

Dania: This is going to be a lot of fun for people to watch throughout the season. I think there are some feelings that are going to be exchanged. The more you get to know Rosie, the more you will understand how conflicted she is. She works for a woman who has no regard for her son, no regard for her husband and Rosie can’t help but look up to Spence. He’s a really good husband and father. This will lead to feelings of confusion about telling him the truth about what’s been going on behind his back and even confusion about her feelings.

I call it the Rachel and Ross relationship, where you will kind of want them to get together before they even will notice they want to be together. 

Roselyn, your character Carmen is working for a successful recording artist and she has dreams of being a singer herself. Carmen isn’t afraid of using her sexuality to her advantage but it gets her into trouble! Will she tone it down?

Roselyn: Carmen is very manipulative and she knows exactly what she is doing. But at the same time she is very playful and a lot like a little kid. To her, making a guy believe that she fancies them isn’t a big deal. She doesn’t understand that this behavior can hurt feelings if the guy has invested too much into her based on her actions.