EXCLUSIVE: Riverdale's Marisol Nichols on Her Role as Hermione Lodge, Hollywood Diversity, and More

Marisol Nichols is returning to our TVs this fall as Hermione Lodge in season two of the CW's hit show, Riverdale. The popular series is based off the Archie comics with a creepier and sicker twist. The part-Mexican actress stars as the mother of Veronica played by Camila Mendes who moves to town after her husband lands in prison for fraud. Though Hermione and Veronica have spent their lives enjoying the pleasures of the Upper West Side, Hermione moves Veronica to her sinister childhood town.

While the series focuses on the mystery around who killed Jason Blossom, Nichols' role becomes more layered due to her questionable past and jailbait husband. During season one, the show reveals that Mrs.Lodge isn't as innocent as she portrays herself to be. As the show unfolds, the audience finds out Hermione was in the loop on a lot of her husband's criminal activity. From drug dealing to gang-related activity, Veronica's dad had his fair share of wrongdoings.


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Though the Vegas Vacation actress is known for her role on Riverdale, we caught up with the brunette beauty about the show's eerie plotline, her work in sobriety, and more. Read it all in our exclusive interview below.

Tell us about your role as Hermione on Riverdale. 

I can't define Hermione's role. She's always questionable. I feel sometimes you're bored with her on the good side and then other times you're like "What is she doing and why?!" And I ask the same questions; it's always confusing for me. With the addition of Hiram, it's gotten even juicier, and it kind of explains a lot where Hermione is coming from and some of the decisions she makes. There's so much exciting stuff happening in season 2 I can't wait. 

Do you think that you can relate to her character? 

I guess only in the sense that she's had to overcome particular hardships and family – her daughter being the most important to her even though some of her decisions don’t always make sense. I've always felt that everything that drives her is to protect her daughter- everything. Even when she does things that don't make any sense haha. In another way, I've also had a family member go to prison for a bit and its rough. It's not easy at all to be on the other side of that, so I feel like I can relate to that as well. 



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You've been in the industry since your early twenties, and have been in and out of success. There's like this air that’s happening, and it's breathtaking where you see more Latinas on mainstream shows. How do you feel like your Latina roots pushed you to keep going? 

Finally! I saw Latinos slowly coming into roles, but it was always supporting 3rd, 4th, 5th, lead. Then I feel like television was like "Oh, wait a minute, white people aren't the only ones who watch television? There are way more Latinos around?" For me, it's like, finally! It's nice.  

What's your advice for women who want to step into the limelight and pursue a career in acting? 

First off, make sure you can act. Then, hone your skill because no matter the color of your skin, no matter your age, no matter what – if you are a great actor, I've always believed you'll rise to the top, I just do. And never, ever, ever give up. Whether its acting or anything, don't let someone else crush your dreams. It's your dream; you get it, you fight for it. 

I saw that you mentioned something about living a rebellious life and turning it around and pursuing acting – can you explain what that was a bit?  

Growing up, I didn’t have the best childhood, and I got into drugs at a very early age. At age 11, I was smoking pot and doing lines of cocaine, and it led me down a terrible path where I was headed for destruction, entirely. You cannot do drugs casually; I don’t care what anyone says. They're drugs for a reason! Because of that, I had no motivation, and I didn't know what I wanted to do in life. Years passed and then the next thing I knew I looked around at age 17/18 like wait a minute. Keep in mind that's six years of doing drugs – and I was said to myself, "If I don't stop now, then that's it. I'll be living on the streets; I'll be a druggie." So I stopped because it was hard at first, and then, fortunately, it was very serendipitous. I made that decision in my life and then a year and ½ later I found acting. I tried out for a play, and that’s what lead me on the whole path to acting, to this career. To me, I believe that it was because I made the right decision first and then it led me to something else. I do feel like I couldn’t have been the only one looking around going "Maybe, this isn't everything it's supposed to be." Like it was fine for a couple of years, but then I decided to design the life of my dreams and get myself together. I know I wouldn't have found acting if I was still out partying and doing all these things and being an idiot. I began to feel beautiful from within, and it showed on the outside.

Speaking of beauty, did you have any beauty rituals growing up that you still use today or that you see now and are like "Oh, I was doing that since before"? 

Well, as a Latina, the whole contouring where everyone's like "Oh that's new!" God no, I've been doing that since I was like 16 years old! Ever since I started working professionally as an actress, I learned how to contour. So I knew how to do the whole contouring of the cheekbones and the nose and all that stuff because that's how you shaped your face! I would even buy different shades of foundations to give myself a little more contour.

How do you keep your youthful and glowy look? We're seeing women use peels in their regiment to create that J.Lo glow.

You know, I've never done a peel or believe in peels. I feel like you should keep your skin. I don't want to peel it off, I want it thicker! And I don’t understand, maybe dermatologist will criticize me for saying this but I don’t know, it kind of freaks me out, I don't do that. There are all kinds of amazing products these days that we can use to preserve our face. First and foremost, I eat a ton of vegetables. I love vegetables! So, if I start to eat bad, I notice it in my skin. Eating right – eating vegetables, eating fruit, not drinking (I quit drinking completely for like nine years) preserves your skin. Likewise, eating bad and drinking the wrong things crashes it. Also, I swear by Laser Genesis. It is the most genius thing I've ever found. I couldn't fully tell you how it works but Kate Somerville has it and also different beauty spas. 

What's one thing you wish someone would have told you growing up?

Oh boy, I would say strength and anti-aging are both beautiful and apart of living your life. Right now there's this really iconic movement with women that is so empowering. Strong women, working mothers, women achieving their dreams and not giving up and fighting for what's right. I want to say that I just absolutely love that and I believe that anti-aging goes along with it because women want to look their best. Sure, naturally it would be nice if we all just aged gracefully – some do, and that's awesome. But then there are the horror stories of the 80's and 90's of women doing too much to their face, plastic surgery nightmares and all that stuff. But I feel like there's a new generation of lasers, facials and creams that women can use to look their best for any age, and I have to shout out to science. Thank you guys for finding this stuff. Women just want to look their best without doing anything invasive and scary. So, I love that science is always discovering new things and ways to improve in that realm. I adore it.  

Be sure to catch Riverdale, Wednesdays on the CW at 8 p.m EST.