EXCLUSIVE: Rene from ‘Quiero Mis Quinces’ On Being the First Quinceañero!

On last night’s Quiero Mis Quinces episode we met Rene, the first quinceañero on this popular MTV Tr3s reality show. He was so proud to make history that he invited friends and family to his grandfather’s New Jersey restaurant to watch the premiere of his episode. He spoke to Latina.com about his desire to influence other guys to break the mold and go all out for their own fifteenth birthday celebration.

Read the rest of our exclusive interview with Rene below.

How did it feel to be the first-ever quinceañero on the show?

It felt great! It felt like I was changing the world – history wise.  I feel that a lot of people, after they watch the episode and especially the guys, will learn from me that they don’t have to be afraid of having a quinces as a boy.

How did the idea come about?

My friend since kindergarten, Karene, and my sister had a big quince.  I think I deserved as a boy to have a quince because I feel everyone should have a day for themselves – for them to shine. Only girls get to have a day for them. Boys don’t get a day for themselves, except if they’re Jewish and have the Bar Mitzvah.

What did your friends say when you told them you were having a quince?

They didn’t believe me! Some of my friends thought it was a good idea—that I should change the world. Some of my American friends didn’t know what a quince was in the first place. I had to explain over and over again that it’s only for girls; that I wanted to break barriers.

Tell us about your parents’ reaction to your decision.

I told my mom first, before my dad. She said that I was right; I needed my time to shine.  Then, we needed to convince my dad. The second I told him, he said no, but you know when you want something you keep working toward the goal? Eventually, my mom talked to him and they said I was right.

You had a Broadway theme for your party. What does Broadway mean to you?

I wanted to have this theme because that’s my personality – Broadway. It could have been something else. I could have chosen to pick a specific Broadway show. At first I was going to do that, but then my mom said, “Why be specific, when you can pick something general.” Broadway is singing, dancing and acting – three things that I love to do.

What Latino aspects did you make sure to incorporate in your Broadway-themed quinces?

My court was made up of all girls. We picked songs from In the Heights, one of my favorite musicals, and I especially love Lin Manuel Miranda. He basically inspired me. There is a song called “The Club.” I’m Cuban so I love dancing salsa. I wanted to have different genres of music because Broadway is not just one thing. I wanted the dancing to be spectacular.

What do you think people are going to remember the most about your quinces?

I’m the first quinceañero so people are going to want to know, what is he going to wear? Usually girls wear a dress, but I’m not a girl. It’s either a tuxedo or something casual. I wanted to look nice, fancy and normal. Not only did I get to wear a tuxedo, I got to wear tuxedos. I was in and out of the dressing room changing from one outfit to the other. I got to wear a gold hat for Chorus Line and put on a mask, and jackets. My guests were my audience and I was the star of the night. I wanted to make my guest feel like they were in New York City, on Times Square, watching a Broadway show.

What advice would you give other guys who are considering having a quince?

Don’t worry what other people think. It’s not their decision; it’s your decision if you want to have a quinces. There are many reasons; my main reason was that I wanted one night to shine. Make sure it’s the happiest time of your life. If a boy gets inspired by me one day out there, and decides to have a quince, I really hope he has the time of his life.

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