EXCLUSIVE: 'Remodeled' Star Olga Tavarez Reveals The Secret To Her Success

Dominican Olga Tavarez has the power to transform an aspiring model into runway royalty as the Vice President of Paul Fisher's modeling agency "The Network" and the new face on the CW's Remodeled. The 36-year-old New York native has worked for a long roster of high-fashion magazines and modeling agencies. She is a straight shooter who knows what it takes to make it in the fashion industry. Find out how she launched a successful career and who is her favorite Latina fashion icon below!

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I have been around this industry my whole life, My mom worked as a pattern maker for major designers like, Dior, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karen. I was always backstage at the shows with her as a little girl and growing up around that I was able to meet a lot of people in the industry who I became friends with. Out of college, I reached out and they said there was an agency (which was DNA at the time) that was looking so I went, interviewed, and got hired. I’ve also been a Contributing Editor for a couple of publications including V, GQ, and Italian Vogue. I’ve been in the business ever since and that was probably like 14 years ago. Oh my God I can’t believe it has been that long! 

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I love the discovery process and developing new faces. It’s exciting. I love all of it. I did a lot of the art department stuff and love working in a creative capacity. I also love molding the kids when we find them so young and seeing them develop into models is really gratifying. It never gets old.

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What was your reaction when you first found out you would be a part of Remodeled?

Oh my God! I was horrified because I have never been in front of the camera. It was a fear of mine, but it was a big opportunity so I kind of had to get over myself and just run with it. After I started to do it, I quickly got over the fear and realized how fun it was. Now I’m totally okay with it. I’m glad I kept my ego in check.

How did your background in print media prepare you for this show?

My experience in print media prepared me in life really. Because when you work as an agent for so many years you kind of get stuck doing the same thing so when I started working for magazines it really gave me the whole grasp of everything in the industry. So I was able to see the industry on both sides - as an agent and as a client. It was very eye opening.

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What can fans expect from this season?

It’s fun and addicting, but it’s also very educational. People will get a chance to see what goes on behind-the-scenes and how agencies run. People will learn what they should expect from their agents. What’s the real deal and what’s a scam. You will see all of these things come to light throughout the show and you will see some of the models that we helped develop. It isn’t an exact science, some of them make it and do great and some of them don’t. You get to see and experience all of that with them.

What winning qualities do you look for in a model?

This business isn’t about ‘if you study hard enough you will make it.’ It’s extremely based on aesthetics. The focus is on if you have the right height, measurement, and look. That’s a huge part of it because that’s the first thing people take notice of. After that, the kids have to have the right attitude and be mature enough to take on the responsibilities. We try to emphasize the importance of being respectful, responsible, and giving back to your community. 

Who are your favorite Latina fashion icons?

I really love Eva Mendes. I think she’s so beautiful and has a really interesting sense of style. She doesn’t follow trends, but she always looks like she’s on trend. She’s one of my favorites! When I was a kid I also looked up to Iris Chacón. I think she is timeless. 

Where do you see your career in the future?

Right now this whole thing with the network is so big! I want to see us represent many agencies around the world. I’m really happy where I am. 

Remodeled premieres tonight on the CW at 9pm/8pm Central.