EXCLUSIVE: 'Real World: San Diego' Star Priscilla Mendez on What She Loves About Being Latina

In classic reality show fashion, The Real World: San Diego (which airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV), offers a glimpse into the personalities and interactions of seven dynamic housemates, which often times results in conflict and drama. The youngest of these housemates is Mexican-American Priscilla Mendez, a 19 year-old pre-med student at the University of California at Davis. Mendez shared her perspective with Latina.com on what she learned in the house, keeping up those friendships, and what she loves about being Latina!

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What are your Latin roots?

 I am full Mexican and everybody actually thinks that I’m Philipino or Pacific Islander or something. Actually my grandparents are both from Mexico. My grandma is from Guadalajara and my grandpa is from Mexico City. I go to Mexico frequently with my grandparents for vacation and whatnot.

What attracted you to want to be on The Real World?

I feel like being pre-med, I’ve been on the fast track for school for so long. I graduated high school a year early and then from there I went straight to community college and got my associate’s degree. And every summer, whether it’s summer school or having a job or studying non-stop, I was like, ‘you know what? I’m going to do something for me.’ San Diego is not small by any means, but I’ve been raised with the same place, with the same friends with the same people. And I wanted to expand and learn that maybe there is more to learn and that’s absolutely what I got in the house.

Would you do it all over again?

I totally would! I allowed myself to learn so much more about myself than I ever have. And that was only a three month period of time. I had the best time I possibly could have. People have no idea about the things I learned about myself. That completely tops some getting-wasted night.

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Are you still friends with your housemates on The Real World?

For the most part. We’re definitely closer to some than others. I think the fact that Frank and Alexandra live in L.A., they’re the closest to me. I get to see them a lot. And honestly, our friendship forms even more after filming. We have a better chance to get to know each other. I know for me, there was Frank’s whole experience that I just didn’t understand, nor did I want to. So being able to watch it and kind of seeing his side of it and what he was going through and his therapy, now I can say, “Oh my gosh. I get it.”

What do you love most about being Latina?

 I love being Mexican! It’s that big family that every single weekend, like on the show, we have big family days like in the last episode. People are like ‘That was so much fun! How often do you do that?’ It’s like, ‘I do that most every Sunday. How about you?’