EXCLUSIVE: ‘Quiero Mis Quinces’ Yudiana Tinajero Battles With Parents To Have Her Quinces in Mexico!

Last night on the MTV Tr3’s hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we met Yudiana from Salinas California. Yudiana had her heart set on doing her quinceañera in Mexico, but the Mexicana discovered that she could either have her quinces in California, or not have a quinces at all.

Yudiana spoke exclusively to Latina.com about her Mexican themed quinces, and how her grandmother's recent death took a toll on her quinceañera.

Tell us about your episode of Quiero Mis Quinces.

My quinces was on April 16th and I was going to have it in Mexico but then my mom told me that she didn’t have enough money to make it over there and some of my family wouldn’t be able to go. So then my mom said if you want to celebrate your 15th you need to have it right here (in California), but I didn’t want it here. I was like, 'if it’s not going to be in Mexico then I don’t want it at all.' So then after a while I was like okay, I guess I’ll just have it here.

Why was it so important for you to celebrate your quinces in Mexico?

Well there’s a lot of my family over there. And my grandma, I love her so much, she passed away already, she was over there so I wanted to celebrate it over there so that she could go. But after, I was okay to have it here because she wasn’t going to be there anyway [because she passed]. But I wanted it over there because I have a lot of cousins and friends [in Mexico] and I wanted them to be part of my 15th. And plus there’s more liberty over there. I thought it was going to be more fun over there because there’s this thing called mojiganga and I really wanted one of those.

And can you explain to me what that is exactly?

Well a mojiganga is made of carton and they use it in festivals some times. People build them and someone goes inside of them and dances. It’s like those dragons in China, sort of like that but taller. And the faces are usually of someone famous like the president or something.

You said one of the other reasons you wanted it in Mexico was because of your grandmother. Why was it so important for you to have it there so that your grandma could go?

Because when I wanted it in Mexico she was still alive and if I had it over there she would have been there. But if I had my 15th here she wasn’t going to be able to make it. But after she passed away I was like well there’s no point of having it in Mexico anymore. So might as well have it here.

Did your parents allow you to have a lot of say when it came to planning your quinces?

Sort of. My mom got a salon for me, but I didn’t want that. I wanted a ranch. But she listened to my grandma that was like ‘no don’t get a ranch it’s going to be cold at night and everything.’ The limo, I got the one I wanted. I got the dress and my damas the way I wanted, too. So most of the things I got were because I wanted them.

You wore cowboy boots to your quinces. Can you tell me some of the other details you included in your party?

Well the music was Mexican and the hats the guys were wearing and the balloons. And they wore little masks, they do that in Mexico where I lived.

What about the food?

The food was Mexican, too—carnitas, frijoles, arroz, sopa de arroz, chili and tortillas.

Tell us a little bit about your dress. Who helped you pick it out?

Well my dress, my mom called my aunt and told her to tell this one woman if she could make my dress. So the woman made my dress but when my aunt initially brought it with her, it didn’t fit me so I had to take it to someone else and get it fixed. It’s gray and has long sleeves and flowers on the sleeves and on the bottom and on the back it has like three little roses.

What was your favorite part of your quinces?

Well I liked all the parts of my quinces but there was this one part I really liked. I don’t think that MTV recorded it though. Me and my friends were dancing doing the girls’ solo part. And we grabbed two big sodas and we started dancing and throwing the soda in the air everywhere.  I got soaked in soda and thought it was fun.

Was there any drama at your quinces?

At the party, yeah. The capacity was only 350 and there were already 500 people inside. All the people wanted to get in and they couldn’t. And I wanted the security to let them in but they didn’t. I was just screaming. Some of my damas were crying because their parents were outside and they couldn’t get in. I was just screaming at my mom. And my boyfriend was like, ‘Calm down, they’ll open the doors later.’ I was just mad.

So what happened? Did they allow the rest of your guests in the party?

No. They said they were going to be letting people in while people were going out.

What advice would you give to other girls that are planning their quinceañera?

Just to have it their way because sometimes parents want to have it their way. But I think it’s better to try to talk to your parents and have it your way because when you grow up you’re going to remember your party more because you had it the way you wanted.