EXCLUSIVE: ‘Quiero Mis Quinces’ Jiselle Juggles Planning Her Quinceañera and Being a Teen Mom

Last night on MTV Tr3s' hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we met Jiselle from Mountain View, California. When she became pregnant at 14, Jiselle’s plans for a quinceañera were halted.  After two years, and with the help of her grandparents, the Mexican-American teen was able to realize her quinces dream.  The teen mom, who is now 17, spoke to Latina.com from her home about her quinces and the difficulties of planning her party and being a mother. 

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive deleted scene from the show below!

Tell us about your episode of Quiero Mis Quinces.

My episode is really about me being a teen mom and how I have to face a lot of obstacles in life.  They show a lot of scenes of me taking care of Elena, me feeding her dinner, there’s other scenes of me giving her a bath. There’s another scene with me playing with her in the park and having quality time with her because those are things that I do all the time. Part of my episode dealt with my dad; he wasn’t going to be able to make it [to Jiselle’s quinceañera].  He decided not to come because his girlfriend didn’t really want him to go– that was a disappointment.  Throughout part of the episode, it shows my mom didn’t want to come either. Another important scene is when I participate in the Blossom Project – it’s a teen mom leadership group.  We go to different high schools, even middle schools, and we talk to our peers about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it, all kinds of ways you can protect yourself.  We also share personal stories about being teen parents. 

You became pregnant at 14 and had to postpone your quince for two years.  Can you tell me about that?

I was just about to turn 15 and I was talking to my mom about having a quinceañera. She said yes but I didn’t really believe her because she had always disappointed me. Still, I was looking forward to it but then I got pregnant, and it was just her easy way out. So I had my quinceañera when I was 17. The show also explained how, because I am not very wealthy, everything was donated: the venue, the catering, the DJ, and all the decorations.  And they also donated my dress and Elena’s dress.

How did that make you feel to have all that donated to you? 

I was so overwhelmed when they first told me – they caught it on film when they first told me about it. I was, basically, just starting to cry. I was just so overwhelmed and excited and blessed, so thankful for them for doing that for me because they didn’t have to.

I understand your nana (grandmother) helped you a lot.  What did she help you with? 

Well, my grandparents raised me, and now it’s not just me anymore, it’s my daughter as well, so she helps me.  My grandma actually works at a daycare so my daughter goes in with my grandma every day.  She helps me pay for a lot of things for my daughter because I’m not working right now.  She helps me with so many things, emotionally and physically. So it wasn’t surprising to have her support through this. She helped me pick out my dress, the colors for the decorations. She also helped me do a slideshow of when I was a baby till I was 17.  She helped me with the invitations and the gifts, and so many things.

Was your daughter Elena part of your quinces? 

Of course! They presented us together when we came in the room. It wouldn’t be realistic to have had a dance with her because she would probably run off or go somewhere else.  I remember when Elena was very, very tired during my party.  I put her to sleep upstairs.

Tell us about your dress.

My dress reminded me of The Little Mermaid.  It’s teal and had all these beautiful, sparkly rhinestone glitter things on the top half. On the bottom, it’s very big and flowy like a princess dress and it fits my body perfectly. Against my skin color, it was so beautiful. It was the dress. 

What were some of the other details of your quinces?

We were only allowed to invite 100 people.  We had all kinds of food, like enchiladas, salad, ceviche, and pasta. I just remember not eating that night.  We played reggaeton, banda, and hip-hop music because I’m a hip-hop dancer.  We had all kinds of music.

What was the best part of your quince?

The best part of my quince was dancing with all my family and friends.

After waiting two years to celebrate your quince, how did it feel to finally be able to have it?

To tell you the truth, I never thought I was going to have a quinceañera and, you know, to actually have a quinceañera with an MTV show, it’s still unbelievable that it even happened.  It just happened so perfectly.  It happened in a way that I never thought was going to happen, but that I felt that I deserved.

What advice would you give to other girls who are planning their quinces?

To remember what the quinceañera is all about and to not focus on the little negative details that go on through the planning. Remember why you’re having it and remind yourself that this is for you.  It’s for you to be happy.