EXCLUSIVE: ‘Quiero Mi Boda’ Star On Her Cuban-Italian Brady Bunch

Tonight on the season finale of MTV Tr3s’ reality series, Quiero Mi Boda, we meet 44-year-old Nancy and 54-year-old Bill. When they met, both experienced an instant connection because of their mutual love for bodybuilding. Cuban American Nancy and Italian American Bill had something else in common – both have two children from previous marriages. Once they began dating, having their children get along with one another wasn’t difficult at all, but it was another story when it came to planning their wedding.

Nancy spoke to Latina.com recently about her episode and aftermath of her bachelorette party. The episode airs tonight at 7 p.m. EST.

Tell us about your episode of Quiero Mi Boda.

It’s a very rich story that we have. We’re older than most of the couples on the show and the first couple that have been married before. It was a lot of fun because the kids were extremely involved. Bringing the families together was so much fun.

How did you meet your husband Bill?

We met training together – we were both getting ready for a competition in Pittsburgh. We were getting ready to do two different shows and I was the only girl training with the guys.

You are both body builders. Do you work out together?

Yes, we’re still training partners! It’s fun, we keep each other motivated and we understand each other especially, when we’re getting ready for competition.

You and Bill both have children – did you every worry about how they would get along or mesh well once you both married?

No, not really because they had interacted before we got married. Neither one of us wanted to get involved in the beginning – we didn’t want to make our kids feel neglected. It was good timing on both of our parts. The kids were older and it was easier. At this age, they’re not as needy.

What were the plans your kids had for you for your bachelorette party and for Bill’s bachelor party?

I had my bachelorette party with my daughter and stepdaughter and my girlfriends. We didn’t do anything crazy, of course if it would’ve been up to the girls… as well as the boys, who wanted strippers. They wanted the whole caboodle. I’m down for a party anytime, but Bill, because he’s a teacher, he’s a little bit more low-key. He was nuts worried about what the kids were doing to do. What ended up happening was they had a surprise for him – they ended up having my mother pop out of a cake wearing one of these t-shirts with the bikini body painted on them. My girlfriends and I were all in on it – we all wore the same t-shirts!

Tell us about your wedding day.

It wasn’t an issue but one of the concerns was the food. We included both Cuban and Italian foods so that our families would feel like they were part of the wedding. We had a lechon, (a pig), and then, of course, we had some Italian dishes as well. We also had paella. It was a gorgeous day! My son walked me down the aisle.

Check out the teaser of Nancy’s episode below: