EXCLUSIVE: 'Quiero Mi Boda' Star Dishes On Her Wedding, Pregnancy & More!

The third season of the hit MTV Tr3s reality series, Quiero Mi Boda premieres tonight at 7 p.m. (ET) and the episode will focus on a pair of 20-year-old New Yorkers named Hanni and David — two Latinos (she's Venezuelan and he's Colombian) — who have different traditions, different upbringings, and come from different worlds, but are united by the love they have for one another. We caught up with Hanni to find out what viewers can expect to see in tonight's episode. 

Tell us about your episode of Quiero Mi Boda!

Viewers are going to see a funny love story. My family is very funny — we have a good time and we're always laughing. But you'll also see that our families give us advice in the episode because we're still young, so they're trying to help us.

Even though you and your husband are both Latinos, it seems like there were a lot of cultural differences between you. Is that true?

Yeah. We're both Latino, but Colombians have different types of foods — and it's nothing compared to our food. {Laughs}. Our food is better. The music is similar, but Colombians listen more to salsa and we listen more to vallenatos

In tonight's episode, you're friends try to discourage you from marrying David. Why do they do that?

Because they all know how I was before. I wasn't serious about settling down because I was in a party stage and they just didn't see me getting married. 

Did you have doubts about marrying David?

Yeah. {Laughs}. It's scary! I always told myself I wasn't going to get married at all and I wasn't going to have kids and look — for talking now I'm been married for three months, almost four. It's been going good so far — there are little problems that every couple has, but that's normal. My advice for Latinas getting married is to have a lot of patience! {Laughs}. 

We hear that you're pregnant. Congratulations! How's the pregnancy going?

It's been great, but now that I'm in my last month, it's getting uncomfortable. I can't tie my shoes, I can't sleep, I'm swollen everywhere — it's crazy right now. 

Are you having a boy or a girl?

It's a boy. His name will be Sebastian Andres

Will the baby be raised with both Colombian and Venezuelan traditions?

Yeah, but more on my side because I like Venezuelan people better than Colombians. {Laughs}.