EXCLUSIVE: ‘Quiero Mi Boda’ Star Dishes On Her Tropical Wedding

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ reality series, Quiero Mi Boda, we meet 22-year-old Kelsey and 31-year-old Mike. The Missourian couple ran into some conflict with each other over the religious aspect of their wedding ceremony. For Kelsey, whose mother is Cuban, having a Catholic ceremony was an important tradition in her family. For Mike, who is German-American and grew up in a denominational church, it wasn’t. In addition, the couple also wanted a warmer climate for their wedding – somewhere far from the cold of Missouri. They settled on south Florida – which was also the location for Kelsey’s cousin’s wedding – a week before hers. 

See how Kelsey handled the compiled stress of her wedding on tonight's episode at 7 p.m. EST. The bride spoke to Latina.com recently to dish about her episode.

Tell us about your episode of Quiero Mi Boda.

They filmed things like Mike and I going for a bike ride and talking about the wedding planning process and that we needed to start getting on that. They filmed things like coming over to my family’s house for dinner and all our Spanish-speaking friends and family were around and getting Mike up and trying to dance – and him being American, it was a little more difficult. They also filmed me personal training my mother-in-law in the workout room and talking about how I wanted a Catholic ceremony and Mike didn’t want a Catholic ceremony. They filmed my dad and Mike playing tennis together. My dad’s American as well so he gave him the “gringo” rules, just saying ‘You know, with these Cuban women, here are the things that are going to help you to stay happy in a marriage [laughs].’

You are more assertive and have a more take-charge attitude than your husband. How did that affect how you planned your wedding?

Most men aren’t necessarily the ones that are all gun-ho on planning the wedding, so for me being the assertive one, it was great! It was kind of easy, I knew what I wanted and of course, I passed it by Mike and gave him options. Mike did pick the meal that we were having the night of the wedding but for the most part, I did it all with the help of my mom, my sister, his mom.

Your mother wanted you to get married in a church. Why do you think that was important to her?

We grew up Catholic and just being Cuban, there’s a strong faith behind that. Mike grew up more denominational so for her [Kelsey’s mother], it was the tradition. Everybody in the family did it – everybody gets married in a church and for me to be the first one to not get married in a church and have that Catholic priest, it was kind of like ‘What do you mean? All the family is going to be there and why wouldn’t you? At first it was a little hard just because my mom didn’t understand it and even though you’re marrying someone that’s not Catholic, there are still classes you could take to get married in a Catholic church and she didn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to go to those classes. It ended up working out – it was something that Mike felt really strongly about. He wasn’t raised Catholic and he didn’t understand why the day that him and I were uniting our life together that he would have to transform everything just to get married in a Catholic church. We were able to come in the middle and have a reverend – not a priest but somebody who had a faithful background.

 One of your cousins had her wedding a week before yours. Did that add any additional stress for you?

No, I don’t think that added stress at all. Before the wedding when I found out she’s having the wedding the week before mine and I was counting friends or colleagues, they were like ‘Really, she’s kind of stealing the crown from you,’ if you will. I had to explain to them that my family is very close so for us, we’re looking at it as a two–week family reunion. I don’t think it added any stress except for the fact that I couldn’t enjoy any of the Cuban food while I was down there because I had to fit into my dress! [Laughs]

Why did you want to have your wedding in Florida versus Missouri?

Mike wanted a destination wedding on the beach. Originally we were looking at California and wherever else so while I was in the process of looking around, my padrino looked this place up. It’s half-marina, half-beach. He kept of saying ‘Check it out,’ It was gorgeous. I narrowed it down to three one weekend and texted my cousin Amy to check out some places. She was staying at one of the places. It was more of a meant-to-be – it all fell into place.

What advice would you give to other Latinas whose wedding date cuts close to another family members?

I would say take it all in, if your wedding is after your family member’s, use that as your run-through, if you will. Look to see what went well, what didn’t go well. Did people really enjoy the favors? Was the cake good? How was the music? Was everybody included? Use it as your own run-through so you can fix last little minute details, which is kind of what I used it for. And if yours is before, then enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself obviously on the night of your wedding but then you have that whole next week to do everything that you weren’t able to do like eat the food and go out when you want to go out – not have to worry about all the wedding stuff.