EXCLUSIVE: Padre Alberto Cutie on Ricky Martin, Religion & Redemption

We chatted with Padre Alberto Cutie to catch up with the popular Miami-based priest before the launch of his new show Father Albert on Fox on July 11th.

EXCLUSIVE: Padre Alberto Cutié: "I Lived a Very Lonely Life in the Past"

Yesterday we shared his thoughts on his new TV show, but we also wanted to get down to the bottom of the rumors that he'd condemned Ricky Martin's lifestyle when he found out the Puerto Rican pop singer had babies via a surrogate mother. Turns out, you can't always believe everything that you read! It also goes to say that everyone can learn from their mistakes, especially a man who has had to overcome his own in such a public fashion. We're definitely looking forward to seeing how he helps other people overcome their dilemmas with practical solutions:

Do you consider yourself to be more liberal than the average priest?

I’ve been accused of that since 1990 when I was on Telemundo! People would say “Oh! He’s modern!” I’ve always been a traditional man. I don’t think I would have become an Episcopal priest if I weren’t traditional in my ways. With the personal and theological studies I’ve done, and the passage of time and life, I think you do moderate and change some perspective. Personally, I think if you live long enough listening to other people’s pain and their struggles, people who feel excluded, you become more sensitive to people’s needs. That’s what happened to me. After a while you really do become sensitive to the fact that there are so many people who feel isolated, who feel suffering, who feel people don’t understand their problems. I don’t want to say it makes you more open minded, because that sounds cliché, but it makes you more sensitive and opens your heart more to people. When we open our hearts and our minds we are more open to people who think differently than we think.

We wanted to ask you about some quotes that were attributed to you about Ricky Martin. Would you like to clear that up?

UPDATE: Father Alberto Cutie Regrets Criticizing Ricky Martin

I think I was misquoted by the person that wrote that article. I made it very clear when I was asked what I thought that I was no one to judge him in any way or any other human being who has children. Whether it’s a woman who goes through Invitro or a cesarean. They asked what the church says, so I said what the church says in the simplest way I could. That’s not what the reporter got from me, but that’s what they published. I wouldn’t judge this person, no matter who they are, woman, man, homosexual, straight.

Is it hard sometimes to explain to people that your personal positions are different from your religious associations?

It’s funny you say that. When I first started, people would ask me that all the time. I would say to them that I hope people know that I am a human being and that I’m going to have my own positions and those positions are not just based on my doctoral or theological training. A lot of my positions have to do with how I understand the world and life. So I think that from the get-go, I made that clear. People who have read my stuff, read the two books I’ve published so far, a self help book about relationships and another about dilemma, I think they know that I’ve always been too liberal for some and too conservative for others. That just shows you, you can be an original person and have different ideas about things.

What are your goals with this TV show?

I think that when my dilemma became so public in 2009 when they caught me on the beach with my wife, and the whole thing with the tabloids and the pictures and months and months of commenting on our case, I think a lot of people would congratulate me because I was able to conquer this with dignity. People get that I went through a very public dilemma that other people go through privately. People who come on my show will not be in the tabloids, they’re not going to be on the cover of the newspaper, they’re not going to be in public scrutiny, but they will have the same dilemma, even deeper, darker dilemmas than I had. I think the point of the show is to try and help people because there is hope. There is a solution for things that seem like the end of the road for them. That’s the message I want people to understand. You may hit bumps in the road, but we’re going to help you get up and we’re going to provide you with experts who can help you live a better life.

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