EXCLUSIVE: Odette Annable Previews Her Role on 'House'

Cuban actress Odette Annable is joining the cast of FOX's hit show House tonight in the role of Dr. Jessica Adams, a prison doctor who has a run in with the cranky doctor after he points out that she has given a patient an incorrect diagnosis.

Annable, who is best known for her roles in the horror film, The Unborn and another FOX series ("Breaking In"), spoke to Latina.com about her new character on House, why it's fun being verbally abused by Hugh Laurie, and why she'd consider seeing a doctor like House in real life. 

Tell us about your new role on House!

She's a great character! Her name is Dr. Jessica Adams and we meet her tonight during the season eight premiere. She's a prison doctor, so basically Dr. House hears her give a misdiagnosis to a patient, and of course he butts in the way House usually does. I would describe Jessica as sort of an overachiever with a cause—and her cause is to help people. She comes from a very wealthy family so she doesn't have to work, but she's so passionate about medicine—it says a lot about her that she chooses to work at the prison as opposed to any other big fancy hospital. She's a real do-gooder at heart. 

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How is she different from Cuddy?

They're two completely different characters—she's not coming in to replace Cuddy as the new chief of medicine. It's going to be interesting this year because the show is introducing two new doctors—my character and Dr. Chi Park, who's played by Charlyne Yi. So it'll be great to see the difference between the new team vs. the old team and how everybody reacts to House's antics. 

Has Hugh Laurie verbally abused you yet?

Oh yes! Absolutely. And he's tried to pick at me and find out everything there is to know about me. He can't handle not knowing something, so the puzzle of finding out what that may be—whether we’re holding in emotions or whatever—he needs to find out, and usually he does because he's a genius. He picks at me a lot. 

As an actor what's it like playing a character who's on the receiveing end of that?

Oh it's so much fun to play—especially because Hugh is such a a great actor, so he really just goes for it. There's definitley never a dull moment. 

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Why do you think people are so quick to accept a mean doctor on TV but not in real life?

{Laughs}. Well because it's all pretend and it's fascinating to watch somebody like the character House because he's so intriguingly offensive. You can't help but watch. He's charming, but he's also usually right. And he's a genius. I feel like in real life if there was a doctor who was sort of grumpy and cranky pants and his whole thing, but he was as much of a genius as House is, I would probably put up with it. But I would also give it back to him. I'm Latin for crying out loud—I can’t hold anything back! {Laughs}. 

in the season premiere your character gets sarcastic with House. Does she have as much attitude as he does?

I think she's someone that is used to being the smartest person in the room and now she knows that shes the second smartest person. And she's always trying to catch up with him. But she definitely has a little bit of that dry sarcasm. She understands him, she gets where he's going and she's not very offended by him. I think he's sort of oddly alluring to her.