EXCLUSIVE: NCLR Cancels 2010 ALMA Awards

Latina.com has the exclusive scoop on what is going on with the Alma Awards this year and it’s not good news. The awards normally air every fall and honor the positive portrayals of Latinos in the entertainment field. But don’t hold your breath this year, because they are not being broadcast in 2010.

"Unfortunately, we’re not doing the [ALMA’s] this year," said Delia de la Vara, one of the producers of the show, and the Vice President of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).

"We heard there was interest from other broadcasters to carry the ALMA Awards and we started to pursue that," said de la Vara. She explained that NCLR is still having "conversations" with other broadcast networks to air the show and so they opted not to air the 2010 show in order to focus on a strategy to bring the show back bigger and better than ever before in 2011. 

"We’re working toward a 2011 fall broadcast of the show during Hispanic Heritage Month," said de la Vara. "That's the right time to showcase the stories about the contributions that Latinos are making in television, film, music and sports."

At the moment, the NCLR doesn't have a specific date for the 2011 Alma awards, nor do they know the network they will air on.

"We’re not ready to announce anything about a new broadcast partner, or any details related to that," said de la Vara, who explained that the NCLR is still working through details with potential partners.

"But we hope to be ready to announce our broadcast partner in the first quarter of 2011, and if we can by that point, also announce the date for airing the show."

De la Vara said that Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, who is always involved with the Alma Awards, will remain a part of the show going forward.

"Eva’s been part of our core team on the production for the Alma's, so she will be a part of the awards as she has been for the past four years,” she said. “Our title sponsor Pepsico is also going to be moving forward with us because they have a long-term commitment in support of the Alma Awards."

The Alma Awards were created in 1995 by the NCLR as part of a strategy to counter negative stereotyping of Latinos in U.S. Entertainment. This is the first year in some time that the show will not air.

Last summer, actress Selena Gomez told us what it meant to her to attend the Alma Awards. "I remember when I went to the awards, it was America Ferrera, Penelope Cruz and all of these other incredible actresses that I had the honor to be with because we could all bond over the same thing," said Gomez. "That was a great feeling."