EXCLUSIVE: 'Napoleon Dynamite' Star Efren Ramirez on the Cartoon Version of Pedro: "I Have A Big Gut"

Get ready to break out your “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts! Napoleon Dynamite is back as an animated television series premiering on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. Efren Ramirez, the half-Mexican, half-Salvadoran actor who voices the glorious return of his beloved character Pedro Sanchez, spoke to Latina.com exclusively about playing a cartoon, what it's like to play Pedro again, and how Pedro is moving on up!

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What was it like seeing yourself animated?

I saw one of the episodes yesterday and I just thought, ‘Hey, I have a big gut!’ I thought it was very funny. I’m a cartoon! How cool is that?

Where does the show pick up?

The thing about Napoleon Dynamite is that it takes place where this guy lives in this little town where not much happens. So in the movie, he becomes friends with Pedro and in the animated series, we can really explore the characters.

How does it feel to return to a story with such a cult following?

When the movie got picked up at Sundance and got picked up by the studio and blew up like it did, it became huge. It was a huge success. It’s a film that families sit together, watch and enjoy. So of course there was talk of a sequel or prequel, but they wanted to do something that was appropriate because you don’t want to disappoint the audience, you know? So when we did the animated series and FOX talked about it, we thought this might work. We knew, of course, one: it’s a great idea, and two: we like working with each other.

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Will there be another election where we can wear our “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts?

In the animated series, you’ll see Pedro as {class} president for the first time. At some point he does become mayor. He’s moving on up.

Watch Napoleon Dynamite on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on FOX to get in on the action. Gosh!